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Cake decorating tip!


Aug 16, 2005
I just had my first wedding shower today and it went very well (thanks mostly to those of you who gave great advise!) and I wanted to pass on a tip I used today.

I made the "Baked" Alaska Cake from the old SB cookbook with the doll topper. I AM NOT a cake decorator, so I was a little worried after I put the whipped topping on how to make it look like a bride's dress (I made sure to do it before the show). Thankfully a little girl (age 4) was there early helping her mom set up, so I gave her the EAD with the extra whipped topping in it and told her to go to town decorating it. It looked hilarious, but everyone thought it was adorable because she did it! The next time I do a shower I may ask the host if any children will be there and have them do the decorating for me. It will give them something to do, make them feel important, and get me off the hook!:D


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Oct 11, 2005
I've wondered the same thing. Thanks for the idea!!