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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Busy Moms/Busy Dads Show

  1. LGray


    I have a host who is wanting to do a "Busy Moms/Dads" show. Does anyone have any tips on what I can offer to guests. I'm going to teach them the "how to use the apple wedger to core an apple and fill with peanut butter" trick, but I need some more tips to help moms/dads fix quick snacks and meals. Maybe some tips on "investment cooking" might be good as well.
    Apr 3, 2005
  2. Ann F

    Ann F Advanced Member Gold Member

    busy moms/dads reply

    Don't forget the apple peeler/corer/slicer w/stand. Kids adore that! And the Cut n seal. Investment cooking....how 'bout the pot roast in the 9x13 baker using cream of mushroom soup as the liquid?
    Apr 4, 2005
  3. amya

    amya Member

    I like the idea of a Busy Moms/Busy Dads show.

    You could suggest the small stoneware bar board to use in toaster ovens. If the kids aren't too young, they can make things like Hot Pockets, Pizza Rolls, frozen chicken nuggets, etc. in the toaster oven in no time.

    Good luck :)
    Apr 4, 2005
  4. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    There are tons of recipes you could show or tell about that you can make in under 20 minutes or less. I'd demo one and tell which cookbooks have the others.

    I would talk about the stones since they are a time saver...no turning the nuggets or fries and clean up quickly. I'd also talk about the toaster bags (can make grilled cheese in the toaster, heat up left overs like omelet) and the the cut 'n seal. The cut 'n seal is one kids can use and they can make sandwiches to go.

    You might want to do a Fast Family Favorites recipes from the older Celebration recipes. The fajitas are quick and easy.
  5. kitchenqueen

    kitchenqueen Member

    I would like the recipe you mentioned about using the "apple wedger and filling the apple with peanut butter trick". That sounds like a fast healthy snack for kids! I love the idea for a busy moms/dads show. What parent isn't busy these days?? Eating on the run, packing lunches ahead of time....in which case I would recommend the new Chillzanne To Go!

    Erica :)
    Apr 4, 2005
  6. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    Erica...it's not really a recipe. This was told at National Conference. Great tip to pass onto your guests. I talk about this when I am talking about my new products. I wrote my talk below that includes the National Conference tips plus my own.

    Do you know how to tell a fresh apple from an older apple? Turn the apple over and look at the blossom on the bottom. If the blossom is closed, it is a fresher apple....open older apple.
    Take your apple wedger and use it on an apple about 3/4 of the way then pull it off. Snap off the core. Fill the center with peanut butter. (Need to put a rubber band around it) You have a healthy snack for you or your kids. Just snap off an apple wedge and dip it right into the peanut butter.
    You can also use the wedger on potatoes. Wedge your potatoes and cook on the rectange stone. Spray with some olive oil and sprinkle your spices on top. Voila...healthy, delicious potatoes wedges.
    Let me tell you another great product...The Corer. Have you ever eaten an apple in the car and you were not sure what to do with the apple core?? Why not core your apples before you leave and you have a healthy snack and no mess. I use this as well on potatoes. Core a potato and hold onto the core. Chop the ends off the potato and discard the CENTER. Fill your potato with toppings like cheese and bacon bits then use the ends to PLUG up your potato and cook. Potato Suprise!
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