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Pampered Chef: Business Materials

  1. PartiesbyJamie

    PartiesbyJamie Member Silver Member

    11-in-1 Postcards - $27.50 on Merrill - asking $15 (9 packs unopened; rest barely used)

    Business Card Poster - Cooking Show & Recruiting $9.95 ea on Merrill - blank - just stamp your info - opened by plenty left - asking $5

    Your Show Stickers $3.96 on Merrill - asking $2

    License Plate Frame $4.95 on Merrill - asking $2 SOLD

    Add-a-Business" Card Magnet $3.95 - asking $2

    Large Lot of PC CD's for training, selling, recruiting, etc - sold on ppwk supply for $2 each - asking $10 for all (there are about 11 PC & then a few other good direct sales CDs); I also have DVD I'll throw in there SOLD

    Empowering Woman magazine - Qty 7 - asking $5

    Recruiting Material, your life your way DVD, Show planners, fund raiser flyers,

    Sales Receipts ($4 s/h); PP sales receipts, new consultant agreement; GC order form

    Help Whip Cancer giveaways - pencils, pins, stickers

    Recipe cards (some); Invitations (about 15 packs); door prize slips; fun money (great for games)

    2009 Consultant Planner (nicer than the one that comes with new kit) SOLD

    New Package of Spring '09 catalogs (maybe 1 or 2 missing)

    Older version of Season's Best - about 10 Spring '08 I believe - great for giveaways SOLD

    Take the whole thing for $50!!! NEW PRICE DUE TO ITEMS SOLD OUT OF GROUP - $40 plus shipping of course - I have pictures of everything if you want to see it all.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2009
  2. Aunticooks

    Aunticooks Member Gold Member

    I pmed you
    Jun 5, 2009
  3. PartiesbyJamie

    PartiesbyJamie Member Silver Member

    Thanks everyone for your interest (& for helping to clean out my closets!); I've gotten great feedback & have someone interested in purchasing it all; if it falls through I'll let you know.
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