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Business Materials Available


Jan 18, 2009
Buyer fell through...these are still available...:D

I am cleaning out my office and am parting with a big box of older business materials. I'd like to sell all of it as a lot for $20 plus the flat rate box shipping for the large box (there's a lot of stuff). The materials I have (so far):

* Show & Sell DVD s/s 2009 & f/w 2005
* Your season of success DVD f/lw 2009
* A couple of business guide packets (one opened and one sealed and one set still sealed of the tabs)
* 40+ Past Host Discount (is about to expire) postcards
* 5 of the index sized pc labels, I put these on my home made lap boards and they are great! (the older one and they are clear)
* 75+ PC bookmarks (make nice giveaways or gifts)
* one PC car decal (a clear one with pictures of some products on it)
* S/S '05 "host a kitchen show" flyers (the "tapas and scoop shows" - I also have some postcard invites still sealed in package
* Nylon PC logo small wallet or waist pack (it has the chicken on it, very cute!)
* a packet and some loose "show order forms" (do people still use these)
* 2 sheets of colored labels that say, "customer service", "new kit", "supply order" and "order processing"
* 3 Kitchen Show Tally books
* 9 Gift Certificate Order Forms
* Various PC Consultant News Issues (including some from 2006 to current) total - 19 issues
* f/w 2007 and f/w 2009 Spanish Catalogs (one of each)
* (18) Show Planning Guides for hosts ("It's Showtime" version)
* A wedding brochure
* Misc. host information sheets and show tally sheets I made on the computer, all are blank and can be reproduced)
* One sealed pack and one loose pack of "List of 40" 3 ply sheets for host packets (the ones with the carbon copies)
* 50+ "your life your way" recruiting flyers (they have mine and a former consultant's info on them but you can easily put your label over them)
* 7 "Come Join Us" booklets

All of these are older paperwork but still are definately good to have around, especially if you're a newer consultant, nice reference and the flyers are still good to put around town and leave in offices, dentists, daycare, and so forth. I'm just cleaning out and keeping the newer stuff I have. Go forth and Advertise!


Jan 18, 2009
Hi all,
I'm really trying to just sell it all as a lot. I have one interested buyer, if that falls through for the lot, I'll start pricing separately. Thanks!


Gold Member
Jul 25, 2010
I would buy them all as the lot for the $20 plus the shipping - let me know if your other falls through