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Pampered Chef: Business cards

  1. dkitten13

    dkitten13 Member

    Did anyone order photo cards from Merrill at wave 3? I'm wondering when I'll get them...
    Jul 23, 2009
  2. Chef Bobby

    Chef Bobby Veteran Member Gold Member

    I did 2 years ago. It took a while. They are probably overwhelmed with orders from conference.
    Jul 24, 2009
  3. NooraK

    NooraK Legend Member Gold Member

    I heard them telling someone that it'll take two weeks for them to even upload all the pictures from conference.
    Jul 24, 2009
  4. dkitten13

    dkitten13 Member

    Wow, that's unfortunate! I swore the website said it would be quicker but I guess because of the conventions to backed up...
    Jul 24, 2009
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