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Pampered Chef: Business cards

  1. pc_jessica

    pc_jessica Advanced Member

    so i am making my business cards, and i am just wondering what you all put on yours...
    this is what mine have so far...

    The Pampered Chef
    Jessica Thompson
    Independent Sales Consultant
    phone #
    email address
    Cooking Shows, Catalog Shows, Fundraisers, Wedding Registries, Family Favorite Recipes and More!

    any suggestions?!?!?!?
    Jul 22, 2009
  2. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    Mine are really simple. They have a stylized version of me, thanks to designhergals.com.

    Rae Bates
    Independent Consultant
    with The Pampered Chef
    Phone #

    I find that the simpler the better. Most people like something that can be read at a glance.
    Jul 22, 2009
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