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Pampered Chef: Sales Burning Everyone Out??

  1. kristenskitchen

    kristenskitchen Member

    I am new and of course, really excited about the business. Of course I realize not everyone shares my enthusiasm, but I've noticed lately (and maybe its just me) that whenever I talk to my family, its like as soon as I say anything (no matter how small) about PC, I hear this sigh and then not long after, they have to go. Right now for instance, my mom is doing a catalog show and I talk to her fairly often (not everyday by any means, but a least once or twice a week) and I usually ask her how things are going and if she has any questions and that's about it. Well, I keep getting a weird feeling from her like she is just sick of hearing about PC and she gives me the minimal answer and has made it really clear that she is just doing the catalog show to help me get my business started and that's it. She's not particularly interested in the products (no matter how great I talk them up) and she ended up starting the show way before we had agreed to start it. I tried telling her that we need to keep it in a specific time frame so people get their orders in a timely fashion, and I'm trying to be creative when I call her (saying I'm 'practicing' my host coaching calls on her) but I can't help noticing the total dis-intrest in her voice. I don't know what I'm doing wrong! I don't want to burn her out and I know she has other things on her plate right now, but she volunteered to do the show for me and now she wont listen to what I'm telling her. I also have a friend that showed a lot of intrest in the business when I called her about a week ago and I sent her a packet of info and have been trying to follow-up and not pressure her, but I don't want to totally stop doing any kind of follow up in case she eventually does want to do it. I'm still getting similar responses from her. I consider myself a pretty down to earth person and don't believe in pressuring anyone, but I really need to know what I'm doing wrong! Neither of them (my mom or my friend) have any major life events going on right now, which is why I think its me. Any ideas??


    ~Kristen :confused: :(
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2006
  2. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    Take a step back and breathe. You are so excited about your business that when you see other people not being so excited you are taking it personally.

    The hardest "customers" are our family and close friends. They don't have the excitement and are thinking that we are going to expect them to buy all the products we want to sell. Just thank them for their help and tell them what THEY will get. TELL them that you don't want them to feel that you will be leaning on them to succeed and ask them to be sure to invite people you don't know to come to their show. With catalog shows that's harder but you can ask her for contact information of people you don't know so that you can follow-up with customer care (and hopefully get bookings from that).

    Just share what you do with others and enjoy it!
    Mar 6, 2006

  3. I think that's the best approach to take. I would tell your friend that if now isn't a convenient time, then to hold on to the information, maybe you could go through the next couple months host specials and see if there's anything that really interests her, and get her excited for that. Your Mom is a tough one, if she's not really interested in the products, maybe she'd be more interested in the recipes? Maybe you guys can bake something together that she can wrap up and give out with the catalogues (like cookies, you can even do a batch on a regular tin and one on the stoneware and compare).

    I know when I first started my Mom wasn't very supportive at all, she even told me not to do it. I still don't really talk about PC with her, just when she asks. I got her a pie plate for her birthday and she shows it off to all her friends, I'm taking the 'soft sell' approach! With my friends I'm like a walking commercial, I can't help it - I just really like all my stuff! I'll bring up what specials are going on and keep them informed, but I don't ask them 'when' questions, I let them come to me. Put your tax breaks to work, have some dinner parties and practice a couple recipes, and just enjoy the food and company. They'll be addicted in no time!

  4. monica_sweetconsultant

    monica_sweetconsultant Advanced Member Silver Member

    i was in the same situation with my mother. she was excited for me when i started because i had found something that made me happy. but someone else had put a bad taste in her mouth with PC and she said everything was way to expensive. well when she came and visited me at christmas i showed her my "toys" and left it at that. i made candy using PC products for christmas presents and then during that week i made a couple PC recipes. before she left she placed an $87 order and i sent her some new catalogs and she said she will try and do a catalog show for me!! now when i call her, her and my aunt both ask what PC dish are we having for dinner tonight? dont give up on her...she will come around. my mom is pretty tough to impress sometimes...if mine came around yours will too!!
  5. heat123

    heat123 Legend Member Silver Member

    burnt out with PC!

    I think it's happening with me too! I just had a spring preview where I invited 114 people and only 8 of the 13 who rsvp'd showed! I have extended my sale to them online and still no interested takers. I think everyone is sick of my PC gig after doing it since November! Guess that means I need to generate new leads and business with new people and not from the circle of friends, family and past guests at this point!

    good luck!
    Mar 7, 2006
  6. kristenskitchen

    kristenskitchen Member


    Thanks for the encouragement! I think I was getting bummed because I had just talked to my mom and my friend in the same day and on top of that don't have any leads for business. I'm new to the area and don't know anyone, we just came from being overseas, so I literally don't know anyone! My mom and my friend are both out of town, but I think I'm just going to try and get through the catalog show with my mom and then when I get to go visit her, I'll make some of the recipes.

    Oh, just FYI, I have the Executive Double Burner Griddle (anyone else have that?) and I LOVE IT! My husband and I literally use it every single day! Its like the stoneware, its an all day piece. We can make pancakes or bacon or omelets on it in the morning, grilled cheese or the Philly Steak wraps for lunch and burgers, chicken, and pretty much anything you can imagine cooking on an outdoor grill at night. Its so awesome and I am so glad I was a host (before I became a consultant) in Feb so I could get it for 60% off!!

    Thanks again!
    ~Kristen :)
  7. DebbieSAChef

    DebbieSAChef Senior Member

    I have to disagree with this. My family loves the idea. I am not saying they are ringing my phone off the hook to have a show but they are very supportive. My mother has had a show, my mother in law has done a catalog show for me, my aunts, grandmother, cousins, etc have all ordered from me. I talk to them about it and they are happy for me.
    I have been very excited lately because I have had a good opportunity to sell to a caterer, a realtor, and to have some fundraising opportunities. They are glad that I have a hobby. That is what PC is to me. I have four kids, I home school, and I have a very supportive husband.
    I just can't imagine having people not care about my business, I mean other than strangers or guests at a show that just won't budge about doing a show for me, but my family!! I am so sorry about that! It's actually pretty rude and mean. They are suppose to support and encourage you. My family is also very honest so when they don't want something or don't want to do a show, they just let me know. I say ok and that's the end of that. But then they do ask me about certain products, and how my show was, etc. It's not a big deal!
    It must be hard for you, a big part of being a consultant is so that we can be with our families more and share our products and our recipes with them. But don't let it get to you! Lift your head up high and be proud of what you have done. Find someone who is supportive, and encouraging and try to talk to them about PC more than anyone else. Know that you will even encounter some rude and unprofessional people in this business, learn to deal with it in a positive way and you will be ready if you encounter people like that who are not family. Remember they do love you, but for some reason PC doesn't appeal to them. Even if it is from you!! Keep up the good work!
    Mar 7, 2006
  8. PamperedEsther

    PamperedEsther Member

    For my family and friends

    I have found it best to make sure that they know that I am their Pampered Chef consultant and I am ready and willing to service them in whatever capacity they need. I send them catalogues, newsletters, specials etc. I remind them that I love referrals, if they aren't interested in anything right now, please feel free to recycle the info to a friend that might be interested and I appreciate their support.

    I bring PC products to EVERY event, always have a catalogue with me (or in the car). Also, my biggest thing is to STOP GIVING THEM FREE PRODUCT other than regular gift giving events (some birthdays or CHristmas). If I have extras of new products, I pick a couple and ask family, friends or good customers that I haven't been able to entice into hosting to sample the products - use them for 2 weeks, give recipe suggestions and report back to me (and return the products). I explain that PC is so generous, and that I can't possible test each and every product that they send our way- if I could get their comments to pass on to my customers, I would really appreciate it.

    I just want them to know to come to me for their PC stuff, but have stopped asking them - they know my number and contact me when they need something.
  9. I'm in a similar boat here. We were overseas too and although we've been back for 18 months I only have friends in our new church and there are already 2 Pampered Chef consultants in the church. I feel like I'm starting from scratch too.

    By the way, where were you stationed? We were in Japan at Yokota AB.
    Mar 7, 2006
  10. speedychef

    speedychef Veteran Member

    My family was not overly enthusiastic when I started. They still kind of think I'm crazy. My mom knows a zillion people, and I finally talked her into a show (My highest-over $1800!). She was IMPOSSIBLE to host coach, though. REFUSED to make reminder calls or ask for outside orders (just think what it could have been!) It's fine, though. I know they are happy for me that I found something that I really love. Just keep a positive outlook on it all. Ignore the "negative nellies" as my director calls them.
    For your mom's catalog show, try to give her a deadline. I find that motivates people a bit. Make sure to tell her that you need it in by X for Y promotion. And be sure to THANK HER for helping you start your business!
    For your friend, maybe start her with a show, so she can see how much fun it really is! I have found it's really helpful, too, to make sure they have an out. Tell her, "it's fine if you don't think this is for you. I just really thought of you when I was thinking of who would be GREAT at this."
    Good luck and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!
    Mar 7, 2006
  11. kristenskitchen

    kristenskitchen Member

    Kim & Danelle,

    Kim, I'm having the same problem with my mom, when I try to host coach her, she insists everything will be fine and takes it as me worrying about her getting enough orders. Really, I'm just trying to get a feel for how to host coach properly and try to help her get more free stuff!

    Danelle, We just came from Incirlik, AB in Turkey. I have a friend in Yokota! Small world! Email me sometime or Yahoo IM me if you want to chat.

    [email protected]

    Thanks again for all the support!
  12. Family is the foundation. I stated selling about 15 months ago. I only did shows for family. I spun a circle drove 2 hrs to shows and had a decent year. I am now asking everyone I talk to to host a show. Im going to do a neighborhood open house and invited every single house in my 300+ subdvision. along with all my family and friends and past hosts. I do regret not stepping outside of the box sooner but i am very comfortbable and enjoy this sooo much. I plan on in 1-2 yrs bring able to quit my job and be a at home mom. I talk to my mom every day and I encourage her to always have a catalog on her to pass to her friends. The web site really helps also.
  13. kristen- i see u live on sfb. I am only about 35 min from there. Do u have a group that you meet with for PC??
  14. TinasKitchen

    TinasKitchen Advanced Member

    Thought I was the only one....

    that felt their mother wasnt supportive in P.C. I sympathize with you. My mother feels that I shouldnt be working full time and have my 8yr old daughter.. but she's come to realize that there's nothing I can do about it.. and I've had this job for 17 yrs. NOW to say I added P.C. to my resume and I am a brand new consultant (first show on Sat.) she wont listen to me. She changes the subject when I talk about it. I'm excited and you generally want to share your excitement with others. Especially your family! She is coming to my party on Sat. but I know she wont buy much but I told her for support I'd like her to be there.

    Also one of my best friends told me never to invite her, she's not "into" it and maybe she'd buy something for someone else but not for herself. Id be better off selling Avon b/c PC is expensive and once I got people to buy things they wont need anything. So therefore my business may start off good, but will soon fizzle out! I was sooo devastated. I told her that I am enjoying this and for the $90 investment, I get to keep the stuff that can be used on a daily basis and I'm giving it a shot. All I asked was for friends and family support. She said well you are asking people that arent interested and you take it to heart.

    Taking things to heart is so true. I guess I have to have a thicker skin to realize that some people just cant be bothered . I choose to not talk to her about it. Now she's asking me simple questions about it.

    I hope your mom realizes this is something that is helping us!

  15. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    My mother always said she didn't like "that stuff" and didn't order more than the quikut paring knife. She would ask me "are you still selling that stuff" like it was a demeaning job or something.

    But I gave her several things as gifts and she admitted to liking and using them (to other people). One year I asked her what she might like and she said she didn't need any Pampered Chef. My husband later asked her and she said that she had thought she might like the chopper (that's what she got and she even thanked me saying she really did like it). Go figure. Mother's can either be our biggest fans or our biggest critics but you gotta love them! I guess it's just them watching out for us. They don't know how great a potential a position like this can have and they worry about us.
    Mar 7, 2006
  16. kitchencop

    kitchencop Member Silver Member

    Since we are on the subject....

    of Moms'!

    I feel SO blessed! My Mom was my first host! She had an $800 show and is having another one at the end of the month! She had never been to a show, never seen a product, but now she is hooked! The same with my Dad, Sisters and Brother!

    I also lucked out that my MIL loves the products and she is having a show (closing this week), her sales are at $500+ right now.

    I do have to say that I have another MIL (husband's step) that wont even acknowledge me when I speak about it! And we are really good friends!

    So I have seen both sides. I personally will not even mention it to my 2nd MIL anymore, I just think to myself, what a shame she LOVES to cook and is missing out on so much!

    Keep the faith!....and seriously, don't mention it anymore to them, surprise them and yourself by completely clamming up UNLESS they ask...and if they do ask? Tell them everything is GREAT...and end it there. Watch em' start wondering eventually.......

    Good luck!
    Mar 7, 2006
  17. tiffanypc05

    tiffanypc05 Advanced Member

    i thought i was...

    i thought i was starting to burn everyone out. I started selling back in March 2005. My MIL helped me do my first 4 or 5 shows, and then back in Aug. or Sep. she decided she wasn't going to do one for a while, but all of a sudden she found out what the host specials were and she was on the ball again. My director keeps telling me I need to recruit her. She asks just about everyone she sees. From people she works with to the waitresses that wait on her at a restraunt. She calls me a couple times a week and says so and so wants to do a show heres her number. It's really weird. My mom on the other hand just done her first show for me and only had 2 people show up. she was devastated but i told her it was no big deal...things happen...but she loves the product and wants the pots so bad. But anyways, I would really be at a lost if i didn't have my mil and my mom.
    Mar 7, 2006
  18. At least you got your mom to help you out. I have been doing this for about a year now and still can't get my mom to do it. All she would have to do is have a catalog show. She works for a BIG company and they are always ordering stuff. I did get my dad to do a catalog show he works in a smaller place and he did good almost 300. I was so excited. He even got a booking (they live 6 hours away from me) I was on my way to do the live kitchen show when the person called me and said that they had to cancel due to a family emergency. She just e-mailed me this week and asked me if she could still do a show. I told her yes. She is going to start with a catalog show and then possibly move to a kitchen show. That made me excited. (sorry about that rambeling)

    I am having problems getting bookings also but working hard at it.

    I think that with your mom maybe tell her next time that you talk to her that you have to close the show on (set a date) If she doesn't want any products order them for yourself.

    Wish I could be more help

    Good luck
    Kay :)
  19. fruit76loop

    fruit76loop Veteran Member Gold Member

    Ha ha...mom...

    Just had to laugh as I read your stories about your moms! I have been selling Pampered Chef for 3 1/2 years and my mom has bought :rolleyes: .....ummmm.... a cutting board! Nope, that's not a typo...Yep...that's it...a cutting board! :eek: She would never dream of doing a show for me! But I am great with that...because she is my baby sitter when I go out of town for Pampered Chef shows and for conferences!!! And to Vienna!! So beggars can't be choosers! :D

    And I agree with Beth...family is your hardest customers! Most of them don't want to be coached and they feel as if you owe them something for doing a show!! It is great once you get out of that family circle!
    Mar 7, 2006
  20. beepampered

    beepampered Veteran Member


    My mom lives 440 miles away. I told her that she HAD to do a show for me so I could deduct the mileage - gas was just too expensive. I think she'd rather pay for my gas but that's not the point. I talked her into do a fundraiser for a nonprofit preschool where she is on the board. She probably won't buy a thing but I least I can deduct the mileage and hopefully she'll see it's not so painful to host....BEE
    Mar 7, 2006
  21. Jennie4PC

    Jennie4PC Legacy Member

    It is very interesting what everyone is saying about thier families I asked my sister if she would consider doing a catalog show in Aug so I could get some sales in after my baby is born and her comment was all my neighbors have everything I just laughed since we have had 2 new catalogs since her area has been hit with a PC party. She also complains that things are to expensive but then she will go and buy stuff at Williams Sonoma. As for my mom she has done a catalog show for me and she will mention if someone at her works wants something so I dont really push it with anyone in my family.
    Mar 8, 2006
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