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Brunch Recipes



A host requested a brunch show. Any ideas for recipes?


I've had a couple of Brunch Shows recently.
For both I made the Florentine Chicken Ring, which you'll find
in the Stoneware Sensations Cookbook. In this particular cookbook, there's
a section devoted specifically to Brunch, as well.
There's a Lemon Herb Chicken Ring recipe in the F/W 2003 Season's Best.
There's a Florentine Garden Ring in the current Season's Best,too.
All these 'Ring' recipes are easy, they taste & look great, and they show
alot of tools. They seem to 'go over' extremely well with the guests!


I would do the Kojintre cran-raisin-apple ring.

serve hot with tea and other things.
Sep 20, 2004
I love to do brunch shows because you can do differant recipes than you do for afternoon or evening shows. I love to do the oven omlet, both the Oven Supreme Omlet from the new SB or the ham and cheese omlet roll from the main dishes cb, as a second recipe I like to do a pull apart bread of some kind in the fluted pan, or I like to do the Monte Cristo Casserole, I think this was in the S/S sb, as a second recipe here I like the Giant Potatoe pancake from the Celebrate CB, can also do any of the twists, braids, rings with the garden veggie filling from All the Best. Have host get some fresh fruit ready, serve with OJ, PC coffee or tea, or depending on the host Mimosa's are always fun. Like I said I love doing brunches if I get a chance.

Laura in ND


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Apr 14, 2004
Holday brunch ideas

For a holiday brunch show you could do a braid or cherry cheese coffee cake and shape like a candy cane before baking.
Or shape dessert pizza into a big ornament and decorate.
Some of our recipes can also be shaped into a christmas tree.