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Bru demo flyers


Mar 11, 2006
someone asked me to post my flyers from the bru baby / toddler food demo. these are a combination of my own ideas and many wonderful ideas from this amazing site!! i hope this helps you out - i added some of them to my guest packets and at my show on sunday everyone took them out of the packets b/c they loved the ideas so much!!! would love any feedback you may have too!


  • baby products.doc
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  • pamper baby food.doc
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Oct 30, 2005
Here are some more. They are posted on another thread, but make sense here.

One was created by someone else here (sorry didn't save the name).
Another was edited from two different things I found on this site.

Does anyone have easy recipes for dad's for the June event? or BBQ Tips for them? I'm hoping to do a seminar a few times a day at this event. The promotional coordinator seems very interested.



  • Pamp Chef Baby & Kid Items.doc
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