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Bridal shower Vs. Online Registry ???


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Sep 7, 2005
Ok, I am doing a bridal shower in June. But I'm not sure the guests will get that they are not supposed to "bring a gift" . The invite will clearly state not to bring a gift and why..... and I plan to have the products cut out and laminated for her wish list but I was wondering for those who don't like the idea of not bringing a gift (never attending a PC bridal show before) , can I create a separate registry online for them to purchase a gift before the shower? And have it shipped to me before the shower and wrap them up for the guests so those who like the traditional type shower can see her "open" their gift they have chosen for her?

Does that even make sense? Or will this not work at all? I am just stressing over the idea now. If none of these ladies have never attended a PC shower before, I'm afraid they will not like the concept of not having gifts for her to open?

If I did this registry before hand how far in advance should I send the invite and include the PC wedding registry card? It would have to be pretty far in advance since it takes 10 days to ship once I place the order!

Help, any suggestions, advice or am I just stressing way too much!:eek: