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Bridal Shower - May 30

Apr 3, 2005
I need some help !!!! My sister in law is wanting to throw a PC Bridal Shower on Monday, May 30th. Its for one of her friends at work. She is from out of town and doesn't know too many people but she does know everyone at work and has other friends, not to mention all her friends and family back home. My SIL is trying to get products for all the pink products and I need this party (my 2nd superstarter month). I know that I am cutting it close which why I need some help. I know I am using the idea about getting her wish list and pasting pictures on index cards with the prices on the back, I know of a couple of games I will play - basket with 14 items - then the questions about the bride. I am not sure on how to handle the party though. Do I use my same script as in showing off receipes with the products and mentioning the host benefits? or do I handle it different? Also what type of food should I serve? It will more then likely be around 6:30 that night plus I will have to close it by the next day. Do I even have time to order the Pampered bride sample pack??? Am I too close and try to have it in June instead? I really would like to have it this month but also want it to be sucessful. Any and all suggestions would be so greatly appreciated. :)


Jan 31, 2005
Start NOW!!

I don't think it is too late...you just have to start planning and getting things ready NOW! I ordered a PC birde apron and it took about a week to arrive to my house. I guess that can vary though. I would tell the bride and your SIL to get those outside orders now. Remind the guests that they can not olny order for for the bride but for themsleves too. Tell them the more they order, the more the bride can earn!! Let the bride adn your SIL know that you want to close the party that night so everyone gets there items in quick. Give the bride and your SIL outside order forms and some catalogs for those outside orders. Have the bride's wish list printed out as well so that the bride and your SIL who are collecting orders can keep track of what already been purchased and to give the guests ideas of what the bride wants for her new kitchen! Another note: for those out of towners you or anyone else can't deliver orders to, remember to add the direct shipping cost chart with the order forms (found on the back of the PP reciepts). I had a pampered bride show last month and it ended up being a $600 show! Remember to have fun with this and GOOD LUCK to you!!! :)

Apr 5, 2005
I agree, I would get started ASAP!! As far as what to do at the Bridal Shower compaired to a normal show, I actually got interested in PC at MY BRIDAL SHOWER! A friend hosted a PC bridal shower for me, so that's what's been in my kitchen ever since I had one! Of course you'll do more games than usualy (the ones you listed were great!). The consultant (now my director!) had me up there trying the tools and making the recipe with her, too.
Sounds like you're on a roll!! Keep going!


May 19, 2005
I agree

I agree w/the other 2 ladies...I've hosted several pc bridal shows and have 1 scheduled for June 18. Get your apron ordered now! :eek: I wanted to submit, this idea, it has helped me in the past to buy a few extra veggies to let guests try out the products themselves. You demo how to use the product and then set up "stations" for guests to "play" at. Hands on has worked for me! :D Hope this helps!

Julie~PC Consultant in SC