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Bridal Shower for Amish host


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Jun 19, 2008
I just found out yesterday that tonight's party is actually a bridal shower for the host's best friend. A lot of the girls coming are all young and single and engaged or recently married. In the Amish community, they have their weddings in the Fall, so right now they are all doing their showers. Apparently they are attending many PC parties (and probably Tupperware, too, I've heard.) They see a lot of demos and are pretty familiar with the products, so I'm unsure about what I'm going to do and say tonight. Any suggestions?

I asked her if they have any traditions for their bridal showers that she'd like to do, asked her if she wanted me to do any games, if the demo is the focus, or if I'm in the background and they do other activities for the shower and then they just place orders, or what. But she didn't really have any requests or special instructions for me. So it sounded like she just wants me to do a simple demo (she chose the Chocolate PB Cup Trifle.) She came up with a short wish list for the bride based on things that she herself got when she had a PC shower.

So I guess I'm just wondering what I should prepare for this. I'm thinking I'd take a catalog and label it as the Bride's Copy and give her a highlighter and have her mark down things she wants right away at the beginning. Then we'd pass it around so people can choose what they want to get her. Then they cross off the items that they choose to get her. I just don't have time to cut out pictures and make a display. The only bad thing I see about doing the wishlist in a catalog is that it will take a while to pass it around and let others see it. Maybe I could type up a list of the things the host told me about and then I can add a few other things that I'd think they'd want? Then have them write down any additions? I just don't know what will flow the best.

Also, should I give the host and the bride a gift? Had I'd known this was a shower, I would've ordered her a bridal apron.

Any ideas?