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Bridal Show for 100

Jul 14, 2005
I am having my first Bridal show this weekend and the Bride is expecting 80 to 100 guest, The Mother in Law and Sister in Law are going to have " regular bridal shower food" they just want me to be there to take orders. I know this sounds simple but does anyone have any suggestions for me to make it better. I will have a box there decorated for guest who want to put money in and let the Bride pick out what she wants from her list she will also have a wish list for other to pick from. :

Momahoop <*}}}><


Jan 31, 2005
WOW!! This show sounds wonderful!!

Since it is expected to be such a large show, I would do the index card registry. Bascially you cut out each item from the catalog and put them on index cards. On the back of mine, I put the item number (for my reference) and the price. On the front is the picture and name of the product. I have mine color coded by category, like baking needs, cutlery, cookware, etc. And I had mine laminated os I could use them over again. Set out the items the bride registered for on a table and let the guests pick out the items they would like to purchase for the bride. They keep that card until they are ready to order. When they sit down with you, they give you their card and their order form, go over with them, you know the rest! Or if you wanted to get real creative, if you had a ficus (spelling?) tree...a fkae tree, you can tie the cards to the tree with ribbon. Either way just keep it simple for you and the guests, they will appreciate it! I did this at a PC bridal shower I had in April and it went very well and was easy for the guests to figure out what they would buy the bride without worrying about duplictaes!

I would also have some of PC's delicious recipes out. See what the hosts of the shower are doing for food "normal shower food" can vary...and make something either at the shower on your own to keep you busy while everone mingles or make it before the show. You can even have stations out...let people try out the products on their own. Have out some veggies & fruit out for the crinkle cutter, food chopper, knives, apple wedger, etc.

Advertise the upcoming host specials too so you can get some bookings and the bride can also take advantage of the monthly host specials for when her guests hold their show! A Pampered Bride show is a gift that keeps on giving!!

I hope I helped some. Good Luck and let us know how it goes!! :D :D


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Jan 21, 2005
I would also see if someone can come with you to help you take those orders. You will get over-whelmed with that many people!

Jul 14, 2005
Thanks for the advise

I will try the cards and the ficus tree, Also I am having my Aunt go with me to help who knows this might be a good way to recruit her. I will let you know how it goes. ;)

Momahoop <><
Sep 20, 2005
instead of a tree with index cards, i like to use sticky notes on plain computer paper placed in sheet protectors in a 3-prong portfolio or binder ...i do this so that the folder/binder can be passed around many times and the guest will just grab the stickys that they want to buy. 99% of the time the bride will receive most of the registry from other guests purchasing them and be left with about 5 items which can normally become free, 1/2 price or at a a hefty discount so the bride wil still be able to get all she wanted. it's just a suggestion, but i think it works well.