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Bridal Show "Blurb"



I am doing a bridal show in a few weeks. In the middle of the fashion show portion, the sponsor businesses are called up individually on the stage to draw a name of a bride for a prize. The announcer does a 'blurb' or 30 second commercial about the business and tells something about the prize as well. My prize will be a piece of cranberry stoneware (easy).

I am having trouble making up my blurb about PC, because I want to focus on the bridal shower opportunity, and at the same time letting the audience know what PC is - all in 30 seconds! PC is relatively new in my town so I don't want people to get the impression that I only do showers.

If you have any promotional one-liners I could use or adapt I would appreciate it. BTW, I am not allowed to mention 'wish list' or registry'.

Thank you :)


Gold Member
Jan 6, 2005
Okay, here's something:

Whether you love cooking or not, we (TPC) can help you enjoy cooking by
providing you with simple, quality kitchen tools.
A personal kitchen consultant will help you select products that will help
you develop your cooking style. Have a Pampered Shower with loved ones and friends with a live cooking demonstration, a sampling of savory
recipes, fun and games, and welcomed gifts!

Just an idea....hope it helps spark the creative juices....