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Bridal Registry/Shower


Feb 22, 2006
Gals, WHAT (if any) is the difference between doing a show and a registry. I have some solid leads on PB Shows and will need to know.
I've read through the Recipe for Success and can't find anything that REALLY explains how to do a Pampered Bride Show.

Thanks so much!!!
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Nov 9, 2005
The Registry as we now have it, is ONLINE, and the guests order via the internet, and pay for the shipping and handling at the internet rates for direct shipment to whomever they designate. With a Bridal Shower that you treat as you would any Cooking Show entry, the guests can see what she wants, and indicate what they wish to buy. You will be notified of their order, which they pay for with their credit card, as a buying guest with ($4 S/H). Then, you enter it with your other show orders, and it gets shipped to the hostess for distribution. Is that clear enough? If not, check my profile, and e-mail me directly.


Jun 5, 2005
In Canada we don't have the registy, but you can have them give you a list and have the guest phone or email you to purchase something and put it all on one order and put it in as a show. And the Bridal show is whatever the person holing it wants to do as in a cooking show, just bring items to show and have recipes already made. There are lots of threads on bridal shows and the things you can do at them. Just do a search and they will come up for you.