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Bridal Fair


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Jun 27, 2005
I am going to do a bridal fair at the end of this month. I have a question for those of you who have done these before. They are having a "beach theme" for the fair itself because they are giving away a trip to Cancun. My question is do I stick with there theme and decorate beachy or do I stick with the norm and make it weddingy (if that is a word)?


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Dec 8, 2005
i would try to do both like put umbrellas on tops of bells i am doing one at the end of this month as well i am giving away a set of stainless bowls set up like a 3 teir cake i am going to put white bows around them but you could add little surf boards or umbrellas


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Feb 3, 2006
Do you have the new spring colored items? Those have the beachy look! And bring the cookware- too bad we didn't offer a nice line of china for the registry! Nver did a bridal fair myself but I am going to be doing a Healthy kids type fair in March. First time for me
Nov 5, 2005
beach theme or not?

I would do a combination. You could use the bbq stuff, chillzanne, carafe, woven baskets, etc. These items are all good to use outdoors for picnics or at the beach. You can still decorate wedding like with the white bows and such.


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Jan 4, 2005
I saw this done and it was cute. Get some small seashells and put inside the large whisk. Tie a white bow on the handle. If you want, you can put tulle netting over the whisk part and then tie the bow. Either way, it is really cute, beachy and wedding-like too!
I have also inserted Jordan Almonds in the whisk and tied the bow.
Get a childs sand bucket and put some of our tools/utensils in it. Tie a white bow. Use a beach towel as a table cover. My daughter had a beachy wedding last year, theres lots you can do to combine everything if you put your mind to it! Good Luck!
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Feb 17, 2005
I have done several bridal expos. I would just stick with the (wedding theme)simple additions and the three tier stand or Stainless steel bowls. First find out if you could have food samples. I make the choc. cookie kisses and put them on your simple additions. Have your door prize slips handy and tell them to enter a "Free Cooking Show", Now you have all the info you need. The key is to following up with either a letter thanking them for stopping by your both or call. DON'T FORGOT TO TELL THEM THE NEW WEDDING REGISTRY! Print up flyers explaining the registry with your name,phone and website... :) Good Luck! Colleen


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Jan 3, 2005
Door Prize Slip

Hi there,

I've attached a copy of my Door Prize slip. I used this at all my events.. I print them on colored paper so I know which event I received their name-

Yellow- Fairs
Green - Shows
Pink- Bridal shows

and so on..

Good Luck- I did a Bridal Fair in January and have lots of names to contact for our new Wedding Registry... I am excited to promote this with my Business.

Karla Stoney
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May 3, 2005
Door Prize Slips

I would add three things to your slip which would have been helpful when I did a bridal expo.

Bride Name
Wedding Date
Please Circle One: Are you: The Bride, The Groom, Family/Friend

This really helps with determining who to follow up with for Wedding Registry vs Wedding Showers.