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Bridal Expo AND Showers


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Oct 16, 2013
I have recently been looking high and low for any and ALL information on bridal showers and expos.

I wanted to take a minute to share what I found here on the website (all in one place to help simplify the next person's search for bridal information!). I have attached a bunch of items and I will also take a minute to explain what I'm thinking of doing with each.

View attachment Bride door slip.pdf
View attachment bridal party door prize slip.pdf
View attachment wedding_catalog.pdf
View attachment p5450-062013us-weddingshowerhostflyer.pdf

Bridal Door Slip - Keep your brides separate from everyone else. Treat them special! Use this form only for them.
Bridal Party Door Slip - Everyone else but the bride uses this form.
Wedding Catalog - I found this in an old attachment. I do realize it is a bit outdated but I am going to have it printed on nice paper in color and put it in a scrapbook to show on the table. I will be cropping it and taking out pages that contain old items or items no longer available.
Wedding Shower Flyer - Offering our great host benefits to couples to use along with having a Wedding Shower (I will display this in a frame at the expo along with having copies to give out).

Again, I have found these files on this website and I DO NOT take credit for creating them. If they contain personal information please edit out my information before using the forms.

I will reply with a link to another thread I am going to start so that I can add the rest of my attachments for "my" version of the Wedding Registry.