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Bridal Cake HELPPPPPP Bridal shower in 9 hours!!!


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Feb 20, 2005
For those of you who have made these...do you use 2 CBB cakes and cut off the 2 inches from one to add to the other like the PIG states or do you just use one CBB? And on the medium square or large square?

Regular canned icing (creamy deluxe) or whipped?

Can you tell I"m starting to panic? :eek: LOL

I've made one BB cake and it's just sitting there.....waiting for me. I can feel it waiting, waiting, waiting LOL

How do I transport this 1 1/2 hours?

I leave in 9 hours and must go to bed!!!!!

Please help! :eek:


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May 18, 2005

There are a few ways you can do the cake, but the easiest I have found is to just use one batter bowl. She's a little shorter, but still very pretty. If you bought a cake decorating doll that doesn't have any legs, it will fit in fine. If you have a regular Barbie Doll, you may have to cut off the legs:eek: . You can use canned frosting or Cool Whip, whatever you'd like. For the Cool Whip, I do the cake like the baked alaska recipe from a few years back. Just spread the topping on the cake and use the small spreader to create "waves". If you use the frosting (I always use the Creamy Deluxe - never tried the whipped), you can do the same as the Cool Whip, OR put it into the Easy Accent Decorator with a star tip and do little stars all over (don't forget to cover the bodice;) ).

For transporting, I had mine on the medium SA square and put it in a small shirt box (without the top). I just had it on the floor in my van (next to me), and took the corners slowly. The cake's not that high, so it shouldn't slide. OH... put a little corn syrup on the plate before you put the cake on it. That will help it, too.

Good luck!


Apr 1, 2006
Good idea with corn syrup. I usually use a little icing to make cakes stick.
I have never done a bridal shower cake maybe i will practice tomorrow.

thanks for the tips.