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Bridal Barbie cake...


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Jan 21, 2005
Bride cakes

PamperedChef05 said:
Any fun ideas on how to decorate the Barbie Cake for a Bridal show? Please feel free to email me pictures!

[email protected]

I used the idea TPC gave us in the KNC and made cakes in the new prep bowls. I purchased mini doll picks (4 for about $5) and dressed one as bride and 2 others as bridesmaids. I did the brides dress like the baked alaska cake and the others I did a smooth texture. I put them on SA small squares and placed them on the three tiered rack decorated with a garland. I put heart confetti around the cakes. They turned out really cute and I got lots of positive comments! The pictures aren't in yet...



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Jan 3, 2005
Bridal Cake

I made the cake in the Batter Bowl, made decorators icing (Crisco, powdered sugar, milk, and almond flavoring). Ice the cake, then leave the icing white, use the star tip to make a ruffle at the bottom, writing tip to drape up and down for the "skirt". I used a small Bride and Groom (Walmart), and put on top. Hope this helps


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Feb 3, 2005
They have the bridal cake/barbie cake recipe available to download on Consultant's Corner. Just go to recipes. Hope that helps.