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Bread Tubes Nonstick?

Jun 8, 2005
I have a customer who would like to know about the bread tubes, whether they are non-stick? Anyone know?

Sep 20, 2005
it is not non stick unfortunately. For other questions about our products....on consultant's corner you can go to products use and care and pretty much find the answer. hope this helped!
Aug 18, 2005
I had a show Thursday, and my hostess had used the bread tubes. She used French bread in it, sliced the bread and topped it with Pimento Spread. I think she could have put on the show. She then explained how she uses the tube to everyone. She said she sprays it with Pam.
Susan :rolleyes:

Chef Jill

Mar 6, 2005
Bread that pops out!

I make the Tex-Mex Chicken Melts (All the Best) at shows all the time. I spray the scalloped bread tube with cooking spray from the Kitchen Spritzer and then stick then french bread loaf in. Once it's done, I take off one cap and tap the other end, and the bread pops out. Guests think its pretty neat; they like that it's so simple but looks "fancy" when sliced; and they LOVE the price! Hope this helps!