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Brand New PC consultant...just moved to area

Feb 7, 2006
OK all you long-time PC'ers, I need some help here. First, let me just say this is my first post on this website...I didn't even know it existed until earlier tonight, so hello everybody! :)

Here's the problem...(might be kind of a long post)

I just signed up (4 months ago) and have only had one show. I work full time in a very busy dental office. There is already one PC consultant at my job (she recruited me) and all my co-workers are Pampered Chef'd out! They've all had shows and bought all the PC stuff they need, so they're probably not going to be my customers.

So, I thought I'd leave catalogs and business cards in the waiting room of the office where I work. Nope. Can't do that. My employers don't want me talking about PC at work because they say it might distract me from my job.

Since my co-workers aren't interested and can't talk about PC to any of the patients or their parents, what can I do to get customers? We have been talking about finding a church in our area, so that's one idea I've had, but what else can I do?

Hubby's work won't let him hand out catalogs either. We have no kids, so that option is out too. We just relocated to this area and not much of our family back home is interested either.

I'm getting frustrated because I am SO excited about my new business, but feel I never have the chance to share it with anyone.

Any ideas?
Thanks for listening and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Hey Crafty--Buy a PC button and wear it on your scrubs. That way if a patient or patient's parent sees it they can begin a dialogue with you and you keep your co-workers sane.

There is always the Open House option. Invite all of your neighbors. It is important to do this in person, so in your case I would walk the neighborhood on Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon since you work full-time.

Even though you don't have children you can call up the local schools and seek out their PTO leaders to find out about upcoming carnivals. Many schools do their carnivals in early Spring. They usually offer vendor space or are in need of a donation.

These are a few to get you going. I'm sure some of the others will have plenty of great suggestions! Good luck and don't give up!!


Jan 6, 2006
Get a few shirts....and think outside of the box.

It sounds like you don't know that many people that you don't already share with the other consultant in your office. Invest in a few items of clothing with the PC logo, and start wearing them when you go to the store. Practice striking up conversations with people about any old thing....soon you will find a way to mention your business....practice it! I have gotten bookings from talking to total strangers at Target! If you are a shy person...that's okay...don't start by saying "HI, wanna have a show?" Start by saying HI and commenting on what they are looking at. Soon it will become natural for you to chat with people...then you will be more comfortable mentioning PC to them.

Good luck!