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Brand New and Eager

Jun 11, 2017
Hello friends,

I am a new Pampered Chef consultant; just got my starter kit yesterday.

I have never done direct sales before, but have been using, and loving, Pampered Chef products for 20 years.

I live in Michigan, with my one and only husband and our 12-year old son.

I would like to do both virtual parties and live cooking parties. I'm excited to get started, but I'm not sure what to do next.

I'm excited to learn from the more experienced folks in this forum.


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Jan 19, 2006

Welcome to ChefSuccess. Your experience of using the products for so many years will serve you well as a Consultant.

Where in Michigan do you live? I'm located in Niles.
Jun 11, 2017
Thank you, Jeanine!

I live in Canton (in line with Detroit and Ann Arbor, closer to AA), went to college in Kalamazoo (close to Niles?).

I appreciate the encouragement!