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Brainstorming: Kids in the Kitchen Show!


Pampered Laura

I am doing a Kids in the Kitchen show during the day for a playgroup.
After my intro (specials, tell about discontinued stuff coming, etc) I'll explain how the show is going to work, by outlining the stuff I have below.

I'm going to have the moms go in to the living room (connected to the kitchen at this hostess' house) with their snack I'm making ahead of time (some kind of ring). While they're snacking and shopping, I'm going to be in the kitchen with their kiddos!

I will start the kids off with washing hands and talking about keeping our food safe by washing up first.
Then I'm going to talk about "tool safety" and how they should always ask mom/dad if it's okay if they make their own snack.
Show them my "kid friendly tools" I have set out for them, and tell them we're gonna make some FUN and YUMMY snacks together while mommies shop!

This is where I need to brainstorm for some fun EASY snack ideas that I can have the kids doing while moms are shopping.

What I have so far:
Make PB&J using Cut-n-Seal
Cut up bologna slices and cheese with Creative Cutters
Fruit for shish-ka-bobs - cut using My Safe Cutter (toothpicks)
Cut veggies with My Safe Cutter
Stir up some lemonade or koolaid with the Quick Stir Pitcher
Need a recipe for something in Mini Muffin pan/ Tart shaper!

When we're done with whatever snacks we made, we're going to call the moms in there to see what we did.

I'm going to have some of the (older/more excited) kids tell their moms what we made, and what tools they got to use.

I am thinking of giving the kids cute little "way to go!" stickers or something when we're all done...Then I'll let the kids eat their snacks, while I chat with the moms, and the moms place their orders and BOOKINGS.

I'm also going to have a potato or two with me, in case moms want to see how certain things work (food chopper, grater, etc)

Am I missing anything? Brainstorm with me please. :) :eek:
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Oct 16, 2005
You can put apple chunks in the PB&J sandwiches (food chopper)
Make Pudding in the quick stir pitcher with banana's or strawberries toppings (egg slicer) & Cool whip (EAD)
What about mini-muffins (make some ahead of time) and the cooling rack and the small scoop just let the kids do one batch

You could also do grilled cheese sandwiches on the lg bar pan & soup in the micro cooker, serve in simple additions

Don't forget the kids cookbook and kids cookie making set

Maybe have a orange peeling contest with the moms to entertain the kids

Let me know how it goes. I want to do a kids show soon and I just have not been brave enough...

Pampered Laura

OMG the orange peeling contest is BRILLIANT! :D :D
What a great way to have MOMS and kids wash their hands at the same time (so I don't have to be hoisting kids up to the sink by myself!). and get some oranges peeled for us to use in our snacks too!


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Jul 23, 2005
that really was a brilliant idea. dont forget you can do a cake decorating contest ( my kids are 8, 6, and 4) and they help all the time in the kitchen especially when i bake. if you dont want to do cakes how about cookies? get the kids to make valentine cookies for mommy?

Pampered Laura

My Outline

Okay! Been brainstorming ALL MORNING and here's what I came up with.
Please feel free to copy, if you like my plans!! :D

Edited to Add:
Oops! On the ingredients list, host only needs to buy 4 oranges (3 for moms, one for me to demo).


  • Kids in the Kitchen -OUTLINE.doc
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