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Pampered Chef: Bowl and Deep Dish Baker

  1. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    Recomend our Deep Dish Baker and Baking Bowl to hunters wives. Lean meat like rabbit, venison, etc. cook to perection in them.
    Apr 20, 2004
  2. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    Selling DDB and Baking Bowl

    I always bring the Stoneware Bowl and Glazed DDB to my shows and talk about them extensively. (I even keep the Rect Baker and Rect Lid/Bowl out in the car, because alot of people ask to see it). I tell them they can buy them separately or as a set. Then plug in how to get it as a 1/2 price combo by having their own show. Then I also plug in about the glazed stones too. I tell them if they want the worlds best chicken (and if they like the rotisserie? chickens at Pick n Save), they will love this set. (to de-bone a chicken, I pretend to hold up a chicken and shake the legs, and all the meat will literally fall right off. That always gets a good laugh.) Beef roast, pork roast, chicken, Thanksgiving turkey, you name it. All you have to do is put the meat in, your favorite seasoning, set it, and forget it. (I call this my Ron Popeil stuff!!!) No need to add liquids EVER! To sell the baker and lid bowl, I tell them to make the most tender BBQ ribs, all they have to do is put a couple racks of raw ribs in the bottom, a whole bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's, cover it, set it and forget it. They will need a big spatula to get them out about an hour later, because they will be falling apart.

    I ask them when they take the metal lids off their current roaster, or take off the tinfoil, if their is water dripping everywhere, and everyone shakes their head yes. I explain with our sets they won't have that happening, reason being, all the condensation builds up, hits the stone, and drips right back down on top of the meats, creating a rain forest/basting effect. They love that part! I explain I'm cooking like my mother used to, but in half the time. My mother used to brown the roast on the stove top first, put it in the oven uncovered at one temperature, add the vegetables later, then cover it, lower the temp, keep checking if it's drying up, and on, and on, and on... Now with my Ron Popeil stuff, I can do one step cooking. I can set my Clock/Timer and go on a bike ride with my son, and not worry about it. I also tell them to do the math, and if they see they are spending $50-60 to make a chicken in once a month, think again. The pieces can be inverted, so you can put a casserole or baked beans in the bowl, and use the DDB as a lid. You can turn the bowl over and make a bread bowl like Perkin's does, without paying the high price. Then I explain you can put the DDB in the microwave (along with all our other pieces that fit) and make some nice desserts such as Mom's Apple Crisp without heating up the kitchen in the summer. I also use the DDB for my Saturday morning cinnamon rolls, chicken parmesan, quiche, left overs, you name it. I sell alot of these sets I think because I do take the time to discuss all of this. I tell them if they can only afford one piece tonight (if they don't want to book a party, and get it for free or 50% off) that they can call me in a month or two and order the top piece to go with it. Sorry so long, but I really love talking about these sets, and I sell lots of them.

    Yvonne Rabe
    Apr 28, 2004
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