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Pampered Chef: Bookings Bouncing back into business

  1. Brianne

    Brianne Novice Member

    Hi everyone! I've been an admirer of this site for so long, and I thought that perhaps I could get some inspiration from you all.

    I've been doing PC since September 2004 and it seems like I've had to fight for most of my bookings. It hasn't been easy, but I've really enjoyed it.

    Here's my situation: My family's business is shutting down at the end of June and I'm not guaranteed a job even until then. I've been lucky enough to work from a home office so I haven't put my 20 month old son in daycare and now with the home office possibility gone I'm not going to be trying to find a new job. The Pampered Chef shall be my job! YAY! However, due to some painfull circumstances in the past few months, I haven't had a show since April 15th, and before that was February.

    If this is going to work I really have to drum up some business and quickly!

    Pampered Chef Consultants! I need your help!
    May 16, 2005
  2. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    To me the easiest way to get back into PC quickly is first of all host your open house. You could do that with short notice and invite everyone- maybe when they see the new June products they'll want to have a show. Also- explain briefly your circumstances and then ask alot of peole to have shows.
    There are tons of ideas on this board- browse and pick the ones you like and want to pursue. And GO FOR IT!
    May 16, 2005
  3. bkwrm

    bkwrm Novice Member

    Ideas for you

    I would suggest that you start calling people on your list of 100 and then anyone else that has hosted a show in the past for you. Let them know how the host benefits have changed. Offer some sort of bonus if they get three people to book parties under them (free food for their show), call local business' and see if you could pamper them for a lunch show and have a mystery host reap the benefits. You can do this, it will just take a little work. Mostly you have to be willing to start calling and talking to everyone that you know. Tell them the situation and more than likely they will be willing to help you or tell you of someone who might want to have a show. Be sure host an open house, pass out flyers in your neighborhood for a get to know your neighbor party. the list can go on and on Good Luck.

    Kim :)
    May 16, 2005
  4. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    Kim is 100% correct...go back to your list of 100 and your old hosts and guests.

    A great book I just go is called, Where to find Customers when you run out of Family and Friends The Lemon Aid Lead Alphabet by Christie Northrup. It is an ABC list of ideas for bookings and leads. Here is her site http://www.lemonaidlady.com/

    Start your business up as if you were just getting started. Call and let people know that you are going to be doing this full time and you are jumpstarting your business. Would they be willing to help you get going again. Tell them about the new benefits for hosting a show.

    Set a goal to get 6 bookings on your calendar for the month.

    Go to your meetings and talk to your director and let her know what you need to do. Ask her to help you.
  5. Brianne

    Brianne Novice Member

    Thank you!

    Great ideas that I'll definately use. The Lemonaide Lady's website looks really interesting. I can't wait to spend more time wandering through it!

    About an open house, I tried having 2 in the past. Even with personally inviting people and reminding them later, the attendance was dismal. Any tips for that?
    May 16, 2005
  6. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    I think that Open Houses are difficult. When I do a kitchen show at my house, even if I am doing a mystery host, I don't call it anything different than a regular kitchen show.

    For some reason people are more apt to come if it is a show. If it is an open house, it doesn't seem as important and maybe I will...maybe I won't sort of attitude.

    I will ask friends, family, and neighbors and ask that they all bring a friend I DON'T KNOW. I tell them I will give them a free Season's Best if they do and one for their friend (you can get these from the supply order).

    If you are really looking for bookings, you might offer an incentive if they book a show. I know our program is VERY GENEROUS, but sometimes this helps if you need bookings.
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