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Bookings or sales: which would you rather have (and why)?


Aug 24, 2005
Would you rather a host be shooting for high sales or multiple bookings? No fair saying "both!"...for purposes of this discussion, I need you to choose *one*. Would you rather have a $200 show with 3 or 4 bookings or $800-900 in sales with no pre-booked booking going in?


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Nov 24, 2004
WendyAebi said:
Would you rather a host be shooting for high sales or multiple bookings?
Since both is not an option, I'd like for the Host to shoot for high sales so that she gets lots for free. A $200 show just doesn't reap that much for him/her after the effort of cleaning the house, grocery shopping, etc. An $800-900 show, they're getting minimum $165 free (not to include their 1/2 and %'s).
My MAC calls can share the host's $165 success and the fun we had at the show. This will help to promote the host's guest bookings before we close out her show.
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Jun 29, 2005
Bookings since that is my biggest challenge right now. My shows are usually decent, I would just like more of them.


Jul 12, 2005
Hmmmm, tough one--
I'd have to say bookings. My reasoning is this: I may have a poor show with only $200 in sales, but if I leave with 4 bookings, who's to say one of those bookings isn't a $1000 show!

However, I might have said high sales if it meant high attendance. The bigger the client list, the more potential booking leads I have, even if they haven't booked from the show.


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Jan 21, 2005
Definitely BOOKINGS! I had a show that I drove 70 miles to (one way) and it was $60. That was when you could have 5 orders OR $150 in sales. Well, I got 2 bookings at that show. One was a $400 show with one booking which was about $200. The other was a $600 show which had 2 bookings, one of which was $350 and the other over $1000. Those had a couple bookings too which ended up in the $300 range.

That $60 show gave me a ton of business and was well worth the trip!



I would much rather have high sales. Somehow the bookings will find their way onto your calendar if you are working at doing so.

For me, a $200 show is NOT worth my time (unless it's a catalog show). I would much rather have a $800-900 show, with no bookings, with the hope that possibly I might be able to convert a show attendee to a booking prior to the show closing. Even if not, it's the customer service and follow-up that will help get a booking down the road.
Feb 16, 2005

I love being able to help my hostess go on her shopping spree - she is the best advertisement I have for our products, hosting & recruiting. I don't do very well booking at shows, but have found that by providing excellent customer care (and lots of followup), the bookings come as do very loyal customers.


Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
With Rebecca

I'm with you on the bookings. I am not at a point with my business that a $200 show wouldn't be worth my time. It is disappointing, but if there are bookings it was not a total loss. It wasn't a loss anywayl because you still receive commission off of that $200 AND if there is a consultant sales promotion you are $200 closer than you were before.

Congratulations Beth on such a successful $60 show!! Goes to show, that you never know!

It would be awesome if every show was over $800 in sales, but we all know that doesn't ALWAYS happen.


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Oct 11, 2005

Since I HAVE to choose I would say bookings because it perpetuates your business and shares the opportunity with more people.


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Jul 29, 2005
I would have to agree with the majority here. Bookings over sales hands down. A $200 show with 4 bookings at the very least will generate $800 more in commissionable sales. Most likely more with show averages being in the $400 range. And with the bookings off those four shows, your sales continue to increase. It is like that old shampoo commerical (I hope I am not showing my age!). 1 bookings leads to 2 bookings, that each lead to 2 bookings, and so on and so on.

High sales are great, but booking perpetuate your business.