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Pampered Chef: Bookings Bookings from show problem.

  1. powelljj

    powelljj Guest

    I am curious as to what others say at their shows to get bookings AT the show? I have been told that you should get 1-3 bookings from each show, but I am having a major problem getting any at all. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Everyone seems to have a good time, I talk about the host benefits and upcoming specials, etc... I try to mention hosting at least 3 times during the show and then ask each guest when they place their order if they are interested in booking. Still, I have very little success. I would love to have a half-dozen people rushing me at the end of the show begging to host their own, but at this point, I would like at least one to book at the show. I have had some success calling guests a day or so after the show after I have gone over the door prize slip (I don't look at them at the show) and book a few shows or get some more maybes. It's frustrating, though, to go home after the show with no strong prospects for future shows. Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?
    Sep 15, 2005
  2. monica_sweetconsultant

    monica_sweetconsultant Advanced Member Silver Member

    wow sounds to me like you are doing everything you can. have you tried to offer theme shows? or let them make up there own theme? maybe these people have been to several shows and sees its the same routine? just keep doing what you are doing. keep having fun and spicing it up. one thing i have learned the hard way in my 4 months of doing this is: this business comes in waves. you might have 10 bookings one month and hte next have none. the biggest thing is dont get discouraged or beat yourself up. it only takes one good show to get rolling again. good luck and God bless you and your business!!
  3. bbauman07

    bbauman07 Veteran Member Gold Member

    You may not be doing anything wrong. Just remember the Pampered Chef isn't for everybody some people just don't like to have shows. I've had about 2 or 3 shows that I didn't get any bookings off of. And some that I've got 3 off of. Have you every tried theme shows?

    We must have been typing at the same time.
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    Sep 15, 2005
  4. powelljj

    powelljj Guest

    I have tried the Celebrations shows and suggested other theme shows, even catalog shows, and still few takers. :(
    Sep 15, 2005
  5. bbauman07

    bbauman07 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Try offering free cooking classes instead of pushing the shows ideas. I just had someone bite on that one. She never wanted to host a show but the idea of a cooking class set of bells I guess. Also call all outside orders before you close the show, to see if they would like to book. I also play games at my shows, but not everyone is into games ethier. Think about try the ballon game. You fill each ballon with a prize like season's best, free kitchen show, ect. Then in order to pick a ballon they must book a show that night. Then let them know that they won't receive their gift until the night of their show. I posted this game is in the files section if you are interested. I believe it is called a ballon for every guest.doc

    Don't get discouraged I struggled a little in the beginning and now I'm wondering why it took me this long to start my own business.
    Sep 15, 2005
  6. Get host to help

    Oddly enough, I discovered that half my hosts didn't even understand the booking benefit at all (even though I'd explained it during the first call). See if your hosts would be willing to help you get bookings. Obviously THEY think it's a good thing to host. Maybe offer 5-10 dollars extra free product for X number of bookings, or really let them know what the host specials are for the next couple of months (BUT not until they've already invilted people...you don't want them to change the date!!)
    Point out that if someone books in Oct (for examlpe) they could get the monthly host special as well.'
    Just flat out ASK if they think any of their guests or outside orders (or anyone they know) would be likely to book a show? If you have a pretty good relationship built with your host, they'll help you if they can (some people are just not comfortable asking their own friends about it, but they might give you a name to call yourself).
    I agree that you're doing everything you can--time to get others on the job for you!!! :D :D

  7. PhyllisRamp

    PhyllisRamp Guest

    Give your host the tools to help you get bookings

    Not that this is the ultimate answer, but here's a flyer I've been using to help my hosts understand the booking benefit for them and their friends. It generally comes down to "what's in it for me".

    I can't take credit for these, I honestly don't know where they came from. I can tell you, though, that they work. My August Host helped me get 2 October bookings and my most recent catalog show host helped me get another 2 October bookings.

    The other thing I do, and this idea I got from Lynn Conway a motivational speaker in the direct sales industry, is bring an "Open Date Sheet" to every show. Rather than open my calendar to check my open dates, I have a typed sheet with the date/day of the week and a blank line next to it.

    When I'm totaling a sales receipt, I hand her the sheet and say "While I'm finishing with your order form, why don't you take a look at my open date sheet and see if there might be a date we can work together." Some say no, some take a look. I emphasize that she'll be penciling in the date and I'll call in a day or two to be sure it's a good date for her.

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    Sep 15, 2005
  8. Here are some words to say... Tell your current host "Most of my hosts have 2 bookings for me before the night of their show." This really works. They don't want to be doing any less than everyone else.

    It is as simple as that. The current hosts wins by getting to purchase the monthly special at the next 2 shows and you get 2 bookings. The host knows her friends and if you can get her asking her friends to books shows for her they are much more likely to do it than for you who they probably have never met before. Along with great host coaching and setting goals for her... get ready for a great season!

    Good Luck!
  9. chefjulie_sc

    chefjulie_sc Member


    I try to mention our booking benefits at least 5 times during a show. I tell the guests that they are going to be sick of hearing at the end of the show, but they will at least walk away, knowing that I've shared the info with them.

    I just recently read where it takes 5 times of hearing info. for something to really sink in! I also used this in my trivia part of my show. I told everyone I wanted to see if they were really paying attention to me or not?!?!?! ;)

    Don't get down, I had 10 guests at a show tonight and came home with 1 definite booking...

    I did mention to the guests, Jokingly of course, that if they did not mark on their door prize slip one of the answers to hosting a show, that I would call every one of them & ask them about having their own show. 98% of them didn't mark it, like I asked, do I live up to my word? I also laughed & joked that I hate spending time on the phone! We really did have a great time! :D
    Sep 17, 2005
  10. Cookie

    Cookie Member

    Getting Bookings

    My director told me that one of those guys that is always tops in sales never asks if someone would like to book a show. He expects it! So I've printed up a list of my open show dates and have it next to me while I check people out. After I give them their total I say " Here are my open show dates, do any of these work for your show or would you rather do a catalog show?"

    I've only been trying this for my last three shows, but considering I wasn't getting any bookings before I feel like I've been doing good with 3 bookings from the first,1 from the second and 2 from the last. Obviously, some people say that they don't want to do a show. So I just say, " Okay, keep it in mind. You have my number on your reciept and and my web address if there is anything I can do for you please let me know. And I'll call you in about a week and a half to make sure you're happy with your new products."
    Sep 17, 2005
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