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Booking to far ahead


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Feb 20, 2006
Does any have this problem: I did a show on Sunday and a guest booked a show for May because she liked the May guest/host special. Now I know this is good that I got a booking but I am concerned it could leave my March & April a little thin if people book to far in advance. How do others handle this?


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Nov 15, 2005
I was calling people back for future shows instead of booking dates right there and then if they weren't in the next two months. Truth is though, if they don't commit to a date then and there (no matter how far in advance it is) then they have an easier time getting out of it. You can't force someone to book in a month they don't want, you can entice, but at the end of the day if they want May they want May.

I'm booking for May now, as I've struggled these last few months to fill my calendar. If I start on booking a few months down the road right now (as well as giving incentives to fill the next few months) then I should always have a strong calendar, because come April I won't be worried about booking for May, if you see what I mean.

I've found most people don't want a quick turn around on shows, so if they attended one in January I didn't have any takers for February...a few said "end of March, beginning of spring". I guess they think they'll have a few of the same guests and don't want the parties too close together. It does actually make sense to me....that's why, as a newbie (just finished my first three months) I realise it will take about 6 months to get my bookings to the number I want.
Nov 28, 2005
I'm still at that point where a booking is a booking no matter what month it's for. I booked a show this weekend for June because she plans on inviting several of the same people to her show, and she wants to give them plenty of time in between. For the next two months, I'm going to email her my monthly newsletter just to keep in touch, and then in May (about 6 weeks before her show), I'll call to confirm the date and time and let her know to be watching for a host packet coming her way in the mail. Hopefully the newsletters and other contacts will keep our show "fresh" in her mind until summer. The way I see it, one less show I have to worry about booking in June! -- Erin


Show current specials

If I'm looking to book for a specific month (closer or further out) that is the month I emphasize the hostess benefits. If people ask I share the benefits for shows further out but it sure is nice to have them filled sooner when you're building your business.

I actually have some already wanting to do a date in the summer or next fall! I just keep them updated on specials through newsletters and figure I've got a jump start on those months. It is crucial to keep in touch though or it is too easy to forget.

Emphasizing to your host inviting people from several walks of life is where it helps you and the hostess have more bookings during a shorter time frame as they are not worried about inviting the same people that were already there.


janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
If I'm trying to book a certain month I may try to offer a certain incentive like a free show or a drawing for a product if they book. I usually always push the month's host special especially the past couple of months. Right now I am booking for May and June because I'm due in 3 weeks and am going to take a month off after baby comes.


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Jan 17, 2006
Emphasize benefits not monthly special!

I recently went to a meeting where one of the home office people came down to talk to us about shows, booking, recruiting, product tips, recipes, etc. It was great and one thing she really stressed was this:
Emphasize benefits, not monthly host specials. There will be months when the host monthly special is not that great, to some people, and they are turned off completely to the whole idea of having a kitchen show until maybe 3 or 6 months later. That usually is not a good idea. True a booking is a booking but with so much time to think about it and plan other more important events more than likely we get the cancellation. I'm not saying kitchen shows months in advance never happen, because they have for me but the sooner we can have the show the better. Especially with our monthly commission goals, and not knowing what our future may hold.
We kind of hurt ourselves when we reveal too much to our potential hosts. We should really tell about FREE products, half price items, discounts, FREE shipping, and 10% discount for a full year. Then when they book the monthly host special is a bonus for them. Not something to get the show. Although I have had some women who know more about PC than I do and ask me specifically for the host special, but these women love PC and will book with me because I have talked to them about the importance of keeping bookings.
Another good tip she gave was having them sign their name on that date in your calendar. For some reason if they sign it they will keep it. also if you ask to help with mailing out invites, you will not have a cancellation. Also host coaching is very important and when you start a friendly relationship with your hosts by meeting face to face to explain stuff, they are less likely to cancel. Thanks!


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Jan 9, 2005
twice a year host

I have a host that books twice a year, when the new products come out. She always books off someone else show, so this keeps that host in mind when new products come out. I just send her the specials thru out the year just in case.


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Nov 3, 2005

well for some reason this month i have had just about everyone wanting to do a show in june...and this sounds crazy but june's almost filled up....now i have enough shows for march but none at all for april and may....this really sucks but i guess june will be good....maybe i will get bookings from march's shows for april and may....like at my show last night i had one lady choose march to do a show and another lady chose june to have it spread out a little...so i guess you have to put that into consideration too...


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Nov 24, 2004
I never offer beyond two months. One, I don't know what my schedule or my kid's would be as it quickly changes anyway. Two, I want as much as I can each month, not spread out.
My favorite store doesn't provide me with their sales flyers for upcoming weeks. Potential hosts do not need to know what the special is that far out unless you're specifically trying to book that month.
Feb 2, 2006
i only carrry a calander for 3 months with me. then i limit them to booking in those months. if there si a real problem i will book around it but 3 months.......please some time you can do it!!


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Sep 13, 2005
Don't talk about ....

monthly specials until you are ready to book that month! None of my customers or hosts know what the specials are for more than 1-2 months ahead. Right now, I am still filling April, so I do not tell anyone what May's specials are! Why would you want to share those specials when your March or April are not full? :eek: When someone specifically asks for a month farther ahead, I do pencil them in, but I don't give them the special information until they receive their packet 4 weeks prior to their show!

Just my 2 cents~!


When I first started I had two shows in November and then not again till January.

I wasn't about to complain that it was too far ahead being it was only gonna be my 3rd show ya know.

I let my guest see the specials for each month and let them decide which month they'd like. I find that if I let them chose because they like June's special better then March they are more likely to not only keep the booking but do there best in getting loads of guest for the show.

I'm at the point now where I wish they'd hurry up and put July and August specials up cause I'm booked solid every weekend till June. :D

Oh and if there is a date I need filled, I offer an incentive for anyone who books that date before any other. :)


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Jan 9, 2006
I soooo goofed

As soon as i opened my mouth i knew to shut up and didn't ...learn and use my experience. I noticed a group of ladies and one wore the badge "the power of pink" I stared and then finally asked okay what is the power of pink? Mary Kay! , I easily turned the subject to PC and booked a show but first I had her booking in late Feb (2 days left in the month) told her if she wanted a show in March she would introduce the new spring products (great pitch if you ask me!) her friend says too bad the spatulas aren't pink and I piped up with ...(yes, you guessed it!) wait till May and see the load of pink we got. Now my booking is on hold till May (i hate long distance bookings) s h a c k y ...
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