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Booking/Sales Incentive


Gold Member
May 24, 2005
I've got 3 shows booked and I'm looking around for the fourth- I have a couple of people who are on the line, and my cousin gave me this idea-but since I'm not in PC now I don't know if it's realistic or not.

I'm thinking of offering a FREE One Year subscription to Bon Appetit magazine to anyone who books a show with me that has total sales of $600 or more.

I'm thinking of an additional gift if sales total $1000 or more (or maybe just replace the magazine subscription with something of greater value, like a $20 cookbook).

The magazine subscription is $12

My question is this- Is it unrealistic to set the sales goal of $600???

Do you think this would interest some people???



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Feb 20, 2005
Personally I would stick with a PC product and not another company's magazine. I have done incentives once before (I've only been selling 7 months) and my incentives were for $500 level, $700 level and then stoneware of their choice at the $1000 level. I had 2 takers - one got $600, the other only $425.

Jodi H


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
Pampered Chef is very generous with their free products that the host can get from a show. Although it is great to offer incentives at times when you are in a crunch to get to a certain level, it is not necessary to do this for all shows.

When you have your first show, talk about the awesome host program and how they get so much free stuff. Talk to your hosts during your host coaching calls how they need to get to that $600 level.