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Booking Rampage!!!!


Mar 2, 2006
Yay! I did my one on one training last night and went to a show the night before. (The first one I've seen in FOREVER).. It was great. So today I booked my first 4 parties. I am so jazzed! Let's hope I still like this after the first one! :p I was so impressed by how easy the show was. There was no song and dance, just really talking about the products. I love how easy it seemed and hope I can keep it uncomplicated. Any suggestions for the newbie? Send them my way!

Thanks for reading!



Feb 22, 2006
Good for you!

I am glad that you are looking forward to this! That's a positive thing and a must for success. You are well on your way.

My advice would be to really get familiar with your products. Make an outline of what you'll be doing and almost 'research' the products. Online, using the product information guide, you'll even find things to say and cross-selling tips too. It's great!

Let us know how all goes! :)


Legend Member
Feb 15, 2006
have fun!

Ditto on learning everything about your products! And USE them:) That way you know first hand the benefits of these awesome tools! And just have fun at your shows. I still get a little nervous before my shows and I've been at this for four years, but you have to put that at the back of your mind and have fun. If your enthusiasm shows about your business, the bookings will follow! Good luck:)