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Booking Promotion Flyer Help....

May 22, 2005
I would like to see some flyer's on booking promotions. My plan is to offer anyone who books a show in addition to the generous host plan Pampered Chef already offers I will give them any item in the catalog (except cookware) for 1/2 off during their kitchen show. If anyone has any flyer's they would like to share I could really use them.

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Apr 12, 2005
Right now I'm using an Easter basket with easter eggs. Each egg has a date on it. Then inside the egg has a piece of paper stating what they earn for hosting a show. It has really been helpful getting bookings. People like free things even if you are just giving them a mini spatula on top of the cookbook.

You could make an open date card. One column is available dates the next column is what they will earn for booking on that day, the 3rd is for them to write in their information.
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