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Booking postcards


Nov 12, 2005
can someone more creative than me help me with this one.
im looking to make a postcard templete to send to past customers about booking a show and i want to put somthing in there that im giving away free shows for the months of march april and may. i just really need more bookings and cant seem to find them. I do have those Nancys postcards so i can send them out on that.. thank you so much if you could help me!!! ;)

ps and if you can i need just a blank post card template cause i cant figure that one out either


Feb 6, 2006
If you have MS Word, open a document, click on the Tools Menu item from the menu list at the top of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear, click on envelopes and labels, a small screen for the label will appear. Click on the options button, a list of items from various labels and business cards to name tags, etc. will appear, choose post card.

If you've purchased post card stock it will have a number on it like Avery 5389 (for example), select that and you'll be on your way!

I've attached a sample postcard that I created for something else, just delete and change what ever you want and use this as a template if you'd like.

Good Luck.

Linda K.


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