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Booking Incentives


May 16, 2005
A questions for all the experienced ladies (and men). I was wondering what you have found works best as far as booking incentives go. I'm still fairly new and really need to increase my bookings. I know every crowd is probably different but I'd like to hear what works best for everyone.



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Jul 23, 2005
one thing i like to do is offer bonus dates. book a bonus date and get a free product (usually under 10 dollars and sometimes i do free shows). also for catalog shows if they really rock i will give them an extra amount of free product value. i have a show going right now that started in sept. and she wanted a stone real bad. my hubby works with her and came up with this. he told her if she got a 500 dollar catalog show he would buy her the stone of her choice out of his pocket and not take it out of her free product value. we are giving her 3 weeks just to be fair since that is a high amount. the great thing about this business is you can do it to meet your needs!! good luck!!

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005

When I get really low on bookings I start offering FREE shows. This is really good because you bring the ingredients and if you have several of these "free" shows in a row you can buy in bulk and save some money. Plus you can play around with which recipe. If you are bringing the ingredients then you pick the recipe, find something that is cheap and easy.

I usually offer to do it all, I'll say, "I'll send out your invitations (which is something I do anyway, but pay for the stamps, too), bring the ingredients, plates, cups, forks, and a drink (Crystal Lite in the Quick-Stir Pitcher). When I bring the punch I sell a bunch of the pitchers, it is not an item I normally carry to shows. At Sam's Club you can buy 244 plates for $4 NOT BAD and an equally good deal on 500 forks or spoons and cups.

I'm trying a new thing for November, it's risky though. I got this idea from a lady that I was working a booth with a few weeks ago. For instance, in November you prep those hosts by saying, "Okay honey we want 3 bookings from your party. We need one in Dec., Jan, and Feb. Then in Feb I will give you the Host Special for FREE!" I say it is risky because we don't know what the special is. It could be the cookware again!! :eek: However, by that point you've gotten 3 held shows from her show so it won't hurt your commission too badly.

Good luck with whatever you do!


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Jul 29, 2005
I use the bonus dates with free gift, but with the new booking benefit, I really talk up how by booking a show at "kathy's" show today, not only will you get free, discounts and 1/2 price items, but kathy will be able to purschase the host special product at 60% also!

If you are excited and the host let's her guest know which specials she really wants, I find the shows will book themselves!


Sep 24, 2005
Another Idea

:p I got this idea from my recruiter. I had an extra small classic batter bowl, and so I wrapped it up and brought it to my show Tuesday night. I said "ok everyone, now if Tara (host) gets 1 booking tonight, she gets to hold this gift (i placed in a gift bag), if we get two bookings, she may open the gift, and if we get three, then she may keep the gift. This was a fun little game, and sure enough I got three shows booked, and one potential booking and TWO potential consultants, out of 12 people! Now, I am still new at this, but it was exciting!!


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Apr 13, 2004
The "Easiest Show in The World"

I have been doing several things that my hosts just love and I do get bookings because of these simple little steps.
1) I send out the invites. This means no postage for them plus no work either. I also make sure they do have blanks to hand out if needed. The show info is on them but no address of course.
2) I do the shopping. PC has built in the $15 hospitality bonus for kitchen shows. So I use it to my advantage. I simply say that I will do the shopping even. All you need to do is give me $15 at your show to cover that cost. And you DO get that back..." then I explain the hospitality bonus.
3) I even bring paper plates, napkins, cups and spoons, forks or what ever else is need to eat and serve.
Now all my hosts have to do is clean the house, which I point out is the hardest job to do, talk it up, get me their guest list and get beverages.
I also offer a discount on the monthly Host Special - I took $8 off the cost of the Roaster this month and managed to book 14 shows!
So you tell me if it works.