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Booking Incentives?


Aug 24, 2005
What kind of booking incentives do you offer? And what do you offer if you're booking apart from a show, e.g., over the phone or through conversations you start up with people? Do you give the incentive immediately or at their party?

When I'm booking at a show, I bake a delicious bread in the mini-loaf pan and put it in a gift bag with a yummy spread and tell people "When you book your party tonight, I'll send you home with breakfast."


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Jun 4, 2005
I have offered...

I have offered a cookbook and the stainless steel bowls to my hosts if they reached a certain amount in sales for me. I ended up getting to keep those cause they didnt reach our goal. I have one going now where I am offering the barbeque tool bag. So hopefully he will meet the goal cause he really wants it!!. I set the goal for the cookbook party at $400. and the bowl party at $500. But I don't feel those are unrealistic goals cause the were catalog parties and the had a month and I host coached etc. So maybe next time :eek:) These Items I have offered are extra things I have sitting in myh dining room.I hope this helps!!


Jul 6, 2005
I have offered

an additional $10.00 in products, after they host the show.If iam really low on bookings i also offer the host $10.00 for each booking she gets me , i will give her the $10.00 to spend at the person that has booked a show. I wouldnt suggest giving anything worth much value untill they show has acually been held. sometimes they will just take the product or whatever and not end up holding a show. My September has booked itself, with the awesome stoneware sale !!! Iam hopeing October will do the same with the roasting pan ! Just in time for all the Holidays !! :)


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Mar 29, 2005
My hostess is giving promos away!

I have done the price of the day promotion to try and get some bookings and I got one booking in June (my third SS month) and ended up getting a $1547 show out of it! It was well worth it AND my host just had a catalog show for me (she really wanted the SS bowls) and turned in an additional $419 in sales for me when I told her all she needed to turn in was $150 in sales. I highly recommend doing that promo.

I also have a hostess right now (who had a show for me in May) who is having a show for me on Saturday (9/10) and she put a flyer in each teachers mailbox saying if they can bring her an outside order worth $50 then they can pick any $7 or under item for bringing her an addtl order! I can't believe it. She is really wanting to get cookware free so we'll see how it goes! I'm really excited to see how this show turns out! I'll keep you guys posted! :)


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Apr 12, 2005
I myself just offer theme shows, cooking classes and fun and games. I can't afford to put out a whole lot of money right now. It seem to work though. I have been thinking about trying this game though found it in the files section. It sound like fun. I'm trying to think of something to use other then ballons though.



When I am closing my show, I will offer to waive the shipping charge to those who book at the party. It is really cheap for me and it seems to motivate the ones who don't want to commit.
Sep 6, 2005
I had two extra small stoneware bar pans - so at two of my shows in August, I did a drawing - anyone who set a date for a show that night (the date had to be within the next 8 weeks) went into a hat. The hostess pulled a name and that person won the small stoneware bar pan. At my first show I got 3 bookings and at my 2nd I got 4. Now, I don't give the pan away until the actual night of the winner's show so I don't have to worry about losing the pan and getting nothing in return. This can get expensive, but especially now with the stoneware on sale, I get it ultra cheap and it's totally worth it in bookings! :)