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Booking incentive

Jan 31, 2006
Just curious what other consultants do for incentives to get bookings at shows. I know there is the Book to Look idea and the Easter egg idea. Does anyone do anything else. I'm starting to realized that people will just about do anything if they get something for free. Can't say I blame them?

Thanks love this site and can't wait for Conference!!! Yippee!


Legend Member
Dec 1, 2005
I do book to look, but the "folders" are on a necklace instead of in a box. It is a combo of a booking necklace (a sting around the hosts neck with inexpensive products on it that gives the host a free gift if she gives away all the products on the necklace to each guest for booking a show) and a book to look box. The guests can see how many necklaces she has to give away, so they book. When they book they get what it says inside. I give a choice of two products about $15 value. When the host gives all the necklaces away she gets an extra $20 item. I give the host 1 necklace for every 4 guests usually.

I hope this helps!

Gillian Wright
Wasilla, Alaska


Oct 3, 2005
For the items that you give the guests for booking, do you wait until their show to give it to them and just order it with their Host discount? How good of a response do you get from this? Thanks
Jan 31, 2006

I may have to look further in to the Book to Look idea.

Any gifts I give the guests, I use their Host Discount. I get commission and also their discount.
Jan 18, 2006
when the guest does "book to look" i tell them they will have the item added to their order at THEIR show. that way they dont receive the item and then cancel their show. also, when you add it to their order, it will be at whatever discount they receive from their show, and you get commission off of it, so you really dont have to spend a lot of money. for example, i did the plastic easter egg thing and the guest ended up picking the chillzanne mini bowl. so....

$12.00 - (best case senario)30%= $8.40

i think a booking is well worth $8.40!!

i usually have the free item as a product worth $12 or less.