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Booking Incentive Ideas?


Jul 21, 2005
Hello Everyone!

I am wondering what you all offer as a booking incentive, especially for the dec/january dates. I am taking all the advice about filling those dates early to heart, and I am trying to get my newsletter out to encourage bookings!

Thanks for all your help - I love the ideas I get from this site!



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Oct 6, 2005
I don't usually offer any incentives. I figure that PC is generous enough in their host rewards that I don't have to give anything else.

However, I have offered a free product, usually something I have a duplicate of here at home, when there is a particular date that I want to fill. No one has taken me up on it yet.


Sep 27, 2005

I am doing two things to get December bookings this year. First off I have a booth at a craft fair this Saturday and I am giving $20 "Holiday Bucks" to anyone that books a December show with me right there at the craft show. (They look like they are getting $35 in free products when I walk in their door, but when they order that $35 will be ordered at their hostess discount, around 25 -30%.) I hope to fill all my December dates this Saturday, but if I don't I have a calendar that I am going to take to all my November shows. It is going to be my Twelve Days of Christmas calendar. I have picked out 10 $25 items and put one on every day that I want to book before Christmas. I am going to sing.... :rolleyes: "On the first day of Christmas if you book a show with me, you get the Cookie Press for free..." and so on then I will pass the calendar around and invite them to put their name on the date they would like to book. (then you order their product on their host order at their host discount.) My director has done this in the past and it has been very successful for her. This does mean that you have to spend a little money but you will definetly make your $15 or $20 back with that show. Hope that gives you a few ideas!


Sep 27, 2005
12 Days of Christmas

I can't post my 12 days of christmas calendar since it is an Excel document, I would be happy to email it to anyone who wants it though. When I talk about bookings during my show I sing the first line of the 12 days of christmas. "On the first day of Christmas when you book a show with me, you get the (insert product here) free." Then I pass the calendar around and ask the guests to look over the calendar and put their name on the day they would like to have their show. You'll have to change it to make it fit your schedule but it will give you the general idea.

You can email me at [email protected] if you would like a copy of the calendar
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Nov 24, 2004
12 Days of Christmas Calendar

Jenni was kind enough to share her calendar layout with me. I've converted to Word and posted below. The "Free" spots are text boxes that you can click and edit. Good luck with your bookings!


  • December 2005 Calendar.doc
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