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Booking Binder

Aug 15, 2005
I was reading a file some one posted from the conference about getting bookings. And it talked about having a booking binder. I was wondering what some of you thought about it and if anyone had examples they might be able to share.


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May 6, 2005
I think booking binders are great. I have a binder that has all kinds of information in it that I pass around at my shows. I have those page protectors and have inserts in all of them. It's nothing I can post here because they are various flyers and pictures. Here's roughly what I have in them: pictures of my kids and family (since they are the reason I do PC), monthly host and guest special flyers, a list of fun theme shows, flyers about the cookware, Pampered Bride shows, gift registry, gift certificates, showstoppers (on CC under Product Information), information about the consultant oppty, examples of my paychecks and FAQs about being a consultant and stuff like that. Whenever there are neat, colorful flyers in KCN, I put those in there as well. It helps remind me what to go through when I'm at a show, but I also pass it around so people can browse it and incase I forget to talk about something, they still see it. I know there are more things in there but I can't remember exactly what. Oh, the flyer that has the table about host benefits. Any newspaper articles about PC or products.

I strongly encourage you to make one! My cluster got together and made some at a meeting once so we all used each others' ideas. :)


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May 24, 2005
if you saw it from a conference this is what i got there was alot more to it but i just did the basics
1st page What does it take to host a kitchen show? door prize posted to page
2nd page pick a date. Calander on the page
3rd page invite everyone who eats. on the page have a chefs hat, small wisk and invitation
4th page Provide the ingredients have a picture of a shopping bag with grocerys
5th page let me do the cooking. Picture of a chef
6th page are you tuned into WIIFM (whats in it for me) with a picture of a radio
7th page Free Pampered Chef products. With picture of money
8th page a billboard that says up to 4 1/2 priced pampered chef products
9th page shows a huge SALE sign saying up to 30% off anything else you would like
10th page Get your PHD (past host discount), monthly host bonus and a discount for joining PC with a picture of a Dr with a stethescope and a smile on his face
I really hope this helps im currently making my binder right now and im putting that stuff in there and then im also going to put the host and guest specials in the book also
I will go over the book at the end of my presentation and then also let the guests look at it


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Jul 29, 2005
Here it it

Here is the booking binder described in the post above.


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Stephanie S

May 13, 2005
Booking Sheet

I was reading a post a while back about a "sign up sheet" that some consultants pass around during their show. Guests who are interested in hosting a show fill in their information... Does anyone have any examples of these sheets that they use and have success with that you're willing to share?
Aug 15, 2005

Thanks for all the great ideas. I appreciate it. Becky, do you hold yours up and talk about what is inside or use it as a guide? I have another question, too. How do you earn the ruby ring?


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Jul 7, 2005
Guest Sheet / Birthday Club

I had amazing results with another kind of guest sheet - but let me answer your question first.

Christie Northrup (the Lemon Aid Lady) was a PC director, now a public motivational speaker for Direct Sales industries. She suggested the idea of passing her own guest book around at shows - for folks to write in. You could use something like the attached at the bottom...change the wording to be what you want. Or go buy a guest book and follow Christie's lead. Here's what I did - awesome results...

I had AMAZING results using a birthday club: bought a journal from Target - polka dots looked like baloons to me - in the office supplies/scrapbooking area; also bought 1 large package of Happy Birthday scrapbooking stuff... left first 2 pages blank for "rules", bought some PostIt tabs to stick on every 6th page or so for each Month of the year. Clipped pictures of birthday cakes and fresh flowers, some decorations from magazines, grocery flyers for each month's starter page. here's how it works:

(again - credit where it's due - came from Christe Northrup) Christe once met the man who is #1 in life insurance sales for all of Japan. His secret, is he sends each client on their birthday, a card, a cake with their name on it and fresh flowers. So I used that to come up with Birthday Club: have had 85% to 100% of guests give me their contact info to participate!

I say to guests, if they sign in the month for their birthday and give me their day of the month, I will give them 25% off any one item, plus if they or a friend hosts a show within 1 week of their birthday (1 week either before or after) I will bring them fresh flowers and a cake with their name on it!

Flowers range from $5 to $10, and the cake mixes are on sale here for $.70 a box for pillsbury - I add a 16 oz. sour cream and 3 eggs, do it in a well-oiled fluted pan in microwave for 11 minutes - it is awesome, sells stoneware, and either write in melted chocolate (1/3 cup choc chips and 1/2 tspn veg. oil in a small baggie - melt slowly in microwave, clip teeny opening in one corner, and "draw" the letters for their name on the cake. - or regular store icing in EAD - sometimes the small circle hole is too big though.) If you add choc. chips to batter, it actually cooks the cake faster - cake in 10 minutes!! (I overcooked a microwv. cake in 11 mins with choc chips). I have had MUCH better success with this recipe than the oil.eggs or oil.eggs.pudding.chips recipes out there.

see Birthday Club document at the bottom.

you can tack their order onto another hosts' order going in that month. At worst, you might have to cover 5% or 10% of their order, adding their item to a host's 15 or 20 percent discount, after they've gotten their free and half-priced items. Decide if it's financially worth it. (you can limit their item to $100 or less if you need to, so you're not subsidizing entire cookware sets!)

Does anyone else offer bonuses for hosts / guest info??


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Feb 2, 2005
This is an awesome idea. I have wanted to do a birthday club. I sent an email to all my past customers/hosts asking for updated contact information and birthday/anniversary dates. I got 1 response. This will work better because they will actually see it. But, I think I will use a small binder or pretty 3- prong folder that you can continue to add paper to and it will stay in monthly order. With a book you will eventually have to start the month's over again because you will run out of room. I don't know...its a great idea. I am going to play with it and see what happens.

I am also going to do a bookings binder. The pictures on the one posted above are great. I hope this will help me get more shows.

I have been with PC for about 4 years, but have only been a hobby consultant...doing enough to stay active and get the products I want at a great price...but I would like to move up a step to become a part-time consultant and go from there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I live in a rural area and the people here do not want to spend money on kitchen tools. I often hear "I can get that at WalMart much cheaper". I always talk about PC's great warrantee program and the professional quality of our products. I also tell everyone that every tool in my kitchen is Pampered Chef. I only use PC bowls, cookware, utinsils, etc. Actuallly, the only thing I have that is not PC is my plates, glasses and silverware. And, when I want to do a more formal meal I use the Simple Additions Squares for plates. They look fabulous!!

Well, just my 2 cents worth.