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Bookings Booking Benefits Question


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Mar 5, 2009
I recently had a show where I got about 4 bookings. Two of the bookings are a niece and aunt- the niece booked a cooking show, aunt booked a catalog show.

I just spoke with the niece today, and she said her aunt is going to wait to do her catalog show. I have a feeling the aunt will probably book her catalog show for a later date off her niece's show instead.

So... here is the question- who gets the booking benefit, the original host, or the niece?

I'm guessing if I delete the aunt's catalog show in P3 now, and then add it in again under her niece's show, the niece would get the booking benefit. I don't think my initial host really cares THAT much about the booking benefit, but I think it's kind of crappy that she will loose out, even though the show is still being held!

What would you do?:confused:


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Apr 15, 2009

I would simply tell the aunt that the original host will get the benefit. See how that plays out.

Hopefully, it won't be too much drama. You can also "explain", that the aunt can have ANOTHER catalog and either the niece or SHE (the aunt) can get the past host benefit.


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Mar 3, 2009
Here's another Booking Benefits Question: (sorry for the hijack)
I have a customer who booked a cooking show off of her friend's show... Knowing about the booking, the original host delayed purchasing the UM because she could get it for 60% off in July- the month her friend booked a cooking show...
The customer has decided to not just host her own show but to start her own PC business (YAAAAAAAAAAAH!) with this July booking being her Open House/Grand Opening.
How does the Past Host get her UM for 60% off? (My recruit will be submitting this under her name & Consultant Number... not me.) (I'd also rather not pay for it out of my pocket... I'm still trying to book shows for this month; the only one that was a definite was this particular show and my new recruit is taking it for her first show!)


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Dec 6, 2005
The benefit is attached to the host, not the consultant. All your new recruit will need to do is put in the booked-from host's Discount Club number.