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Bonus products for consultants


Novice Member
Aug 10, 2005
I was just curious about the products you can earn your first months. If you earn say $900 the first month and $400 the next month. Do you not get anything or does it "bank" and you get the bonus stuff. Not sure how that all works.




Jul 31, 2005
The only way you get the bonuses is if you hit $1250 in sales each month. Any extra above and beyond the $1250 goes into the bank and once the bank reaches $1250, you can choose from one of the extra bonuses.

For example, SS1 you get $1250 in sales. You get your SS1 bonus but nothing to bank. SS2 you get $2000 in sales. You get your SS2 bonus and get to bank $750. SS3 you get $2000 in sales. You get your SS3 bonus and get to bank another $750. So your bank is now at $1500 and you get to pick one of the four "bank bonuses".

Hope that makes sense!
Sep 6, 2005
Ok then, I have a related question - once you get reach your bonus goals, how do you receive your bonus items? Do you have to order them, or do they ship automatically, and if so, when do they ship?
Jun 29, 2005
bonus items

On your bonus items, they will email you a notice for you to go to CCorner to choose which package you want. This is after you earned that months super starter kit.