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Bingo Template


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Apr 14, 2004
Fun and Games

I came across this old email today (see below) and am using it at my meeting in August. This game is a great way to teach info in a fun way and to have several people yell out BINGO at the same time to illustrate the importance of excitement for success in all areas of our business. The web link below lets you type in the answers and shuffle them so that you can have a few different bingo cards without having them all identical. Thought some of you might like it.


Julie Gizzi

Hi everyone,
I tried something new at my monthly meetings and it was a hit. Now, I
will have to see if there are effects in the following months but here it is.

Make a package of goodies from your office for a raffle. I used the
springform pan set, fs shaker, nylon server, stickers, notepad, invitations postcards;
about $50 worth of items.

Sell raffles at your meeting $1 for 1 ticket $3 for 5 tickets.

Have every consultant who comes in your meeting fill in a prize drawing slip.

After you do the raffle, count the money and announce the dollar amount. $41
was collected from our raffle.

I do a segment in my meeting. Please stand if you talked with someone this
month about Pampered Chef.. what objections did you hear? Then we give answers
for the objections.

Now, I'm going to include "please stand if you invited someone to join you
tonight to check out Pampered Chef."

THEN, I pull a prize drawing slip. If the person's name who was drawn, has
brought someone to check out our business, they get the money from the raffle.
If not, it's mine to pay for the room etc.

What does this do?
Builds excitement for the meeting- they don't know what's in the raffle until
that night, but it'll be good!

Gets rid of all the excess in my office

Has them INVITE if not bring potential team members to the meeting. (The
guests get a gift of lotion and soap for coming to the meeting.)

And, of course, my hope is that it builds the team.

I hope this is something you all can use!

Yvette Yeomans

Last month at our meeting we played Let's Make a Deal and since there are 6 Directors involved in our meetings, we all brought some items we had laying around as well as small door prize items. We put some items behind the 3 boxes and then had others unwrapped to tease them with...such as...

Janie, would you like what's behind door #1, door #2 or door #3? Then when she picked the door she wanted, we'd say...ok, I'll tell you what. You can choose these 5 Season's Best Cookbooks instead of what's behind that door you chose. They all went for the "doors" but we could have something like a twixit clip behind that "door"... you never knew really. We plan on doing this at more meetings because it was so fun. Lots of laughs!
Mary Jo