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Pampered Chef: Beer Bread

  1. pcgogetter

    pcgogetter Member Gold Member

    I baked Beer Bread this am for my Vendor Blender tonight and the sides are a little hard, it is falling apart like crumbs but yet the center feels like it could have baked longer. Anyone have this? My oven is new. I used the mini-loaf pan stoneware. ANy ideas Thanks
    Nov 18, 2005
  2. Happened to me too (fix)

    The same thing was happening to me for everything that I cooked in the oven. Come to find out.. my temp was off... I went to wal-mart and bought one of the little cheep metal oven thermometers (hangs on the oven rack) and found that the temp was almost 50 degrees off!!!! (400 was actually 450).. I still have not gotten this fixed I just set the temp lower for now.
    you might try that and see what happens :confused:
    got to start somewhere huh
    hope that helped

    Tina Bennington
    Independent Consultant
    Indianapolis, IN
    Nov 30, 2005
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