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Becoming a Consultant

Nov 9, 2005
Hi! I'm turning in my contract this month. And I'm going to start selling PC in January. What happens if you do not get any bookings from your shows??? How do you get more without being a nuisance to your friends and family???


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Your concern sounds SOOO familiar! I think we've all been concerned about that. There are so many great ways to get leads that even people who've been doing this for a long time go back to. I'll attach a list I probably got off of here that helps you brainstorm. One thing I'll mention is I was pleasantly surprised at how supportive my friends and family were in helping me out by hosting shows when I got started. Many of them thought I was crazy for doing this, but here I am 2 1/2 years later! A lot of the suggestions I hear and give is to wear your advertisements through shirts, bags that show the PC catalog, car window stickers, etc. Leave business cards and/or catalogs wherever you go. Look into things like booths at craft fairs, open houses, county fairs and all of those types of things.

There are great teleclasses available just for generating bookings and this website is awesome for ideas since everyone is so helpful!!! Sure, there will be shows that won't generate any immediate bookings, but that doesn't mean that a year down the line (if you keep in touch with your customers) someone won't book a show then. Customer care is key because it keeps your name in the front of their minds. The websites are awesome too for generating business, especially now that people can order at any time without it being attached to a show. Those are just some ideas, but you'll hear tons!!! Don't let that stop you from becoming a consultant because we've all been there and been afraid of that. One thing I tell the people I'm in contact with who are considering this business that if you WANT to do this, we'll work together to make it happen! So, if the desire is there, you will likely find success in all of this!! Good luck to you. Keep posting your questions because we'd all love to help you sort through the pros and cons! :)