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Beach Party


Veteran Member
Jun 29, 2005
I have a show coming up and the hostess is considering have a Beach Theme. I kind of thought this was a little odd in the middle of winter when it is 30 degrees outside, but maybe she just wants to get in the mood for summer. Anyway, I did a search on here, and the only Beach info I found was the invitation. Just wondering if anyone else has done one and what they served. I'm guessing fruits and dips and cool drinks but wasn't real sure. Any ideas at all would be appreciated.

Thank You! :)


Veteran Member
Sep 23, 2005
I have not done a PC Beach Party show, but my husband and I have had "beach parties" in the dead of Winter. I live in the Chicago area, and winters can be COLD!!!! We would turn up the heat, put on Beach Boys music, and everyone came in beach wear. We took pictures of everyone under the beach umbrella, on the beach towel, and everyone had a BLAST!!!! We gave prizes for the most outrageous outfits !!!


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
I actually did a pool party once but we pretended to be at the beach. We served some cool drinks made in the quick stir pitchers, Lemondade, Iced tea, punch and even some delicious fruit smoothies. Along side that I served some kabobs with sausage, chicken breast, red bell pepper, onion and cherry tomatoes. It was fun.
I have also done a Beach party in the winter (here in TX our winter is a FREEZING 50 degrees LOL :rolleyes: )
We did the same type of thing indoors with the drinks and beach decorations except for this I served classic deli wraps so I wouldn't have to worry about using a grill. They were delicious and the guests loved them. They are so easy to make. Also I made up a really neat game. It's called pin the towel on the guest. I explain how a guest has arrived without a towel and she's freezing so let's help her out. Same thing as pin the tail on the donkey. I blind fold and spin then I let them loose!! Watch out.
I use a poster board and draw a woman (as well as can be) about a foot long and then I give each guest a napkin with tape on it to see how well they can cover her up. Winner gets a prize. IT's fun!!!