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Barbie Cake Ideas

Jan 4, 2005
I'm new to PC and also new to this site. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! My daughter's 6th birthday is coming up soon and I would like some ideas for the 'Barbie' cake using the classic batter bowl. Anyone have any ideas? I also think this would be a great theme show. Maybe a mother/daughter dessert and tea show. :)


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Apr 14, 2004
I have never made one- but I do like to share this Pampered Chef Urban Legend.
A customer called her Pampered Chef consultant to complain about the Barrbie cake she had just made. The consultant was surprised and asked what went wrong. The customer replied, "The Barbie Melted!"
This always gets a laugh.


Dec 4, 2004
Either Celebrate or All the Best cookbook has the directions.


Jan 13, 2005
Barbie Cake

I made the Barbie Cake for my daughter's second birthday. I was really proud of the way it cam out!! I used the EAC which made decorating it a breeze. I used the silver and colored non-perils in on the dress to give it a little extra "sparkle" after I had decorated it. It turned out beautiful!!


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Nov 24, 2004
Birthday idea

My daughter celebrated her 7th birthday last weekend. I used the mini-fluted pans and made 12 mini cakes. I had them stacked on my large square Simple Additions. I bought 2 white icings and 1 chocolate icings. I used the new prep bowls and mixed food coloring to make different colors; put the lids back on and had them stacked on my cooling rack along with bottles of sprinkles. I took my small SA caddy & bowls and placed hard candy in one, starbursts in the other.
The kids took the baker's roller and rolled out the starbursts, used the creative cutters set to cut designs in their starburst, ate the excess and decorated the top of their iced cakes. I decided against pulling out the easy accent decorator.
I took individual pictures of each child with their own decorated cake. (If I ever find the cord to my digital camera, I plan to download them and give to each parent).
The kids had a BLAST! And, surprisingly it was not that messy.