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Bar board not in PP


Advanced Member
Feb 14, 2005
I am trying to put in an order for the white bar board item number 1000. PP will not accept and says there is no such thing. I clicked on the magnifying glass and it is not listed there either. Any suggestions? I am baffled!! :confused:


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Mar 29, 2005
Oh my gosh!! The same thing happened to me at a $1300 show the other day! I was so embarrassed!! I ended up talking the guest into getting 2 cranberry bar boards but I finally found the problem!! In PP, only update the Product List. That should take care of it. If not, you need to manually add the item to the product list. Good Luck!! :)


Advanced Member
Feb 14, 2005
Thanks Kristie. I ended up calling my director and I had to manually add the item. That was too weird!


Dec 14, 2005
just happened to me tonight while on the phone with the bride-to-be closing out her shower. I updated the product list and it worked.


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
What has most likely happened...

is the last time you manually added an item to the product list (like the Free receipts) was that you added the new item over top the Bar Board's info, since the Bar Board is the first item listed it is the default item that shows up when you click Product Information under Update. So, when you clicked update after entering the "New" product you erased the Bar Board's info.

To avoid doing this again, ALWAYS click ADD on the right hand side of the screen first, then enter in the new product's information!

Just thought I'd add this tip to help out in the future!
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