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Bamboo Carving Board


Silver Member
Mar 16, 2005
HI All-

I used my Bamboo Carving Board for the first (and only) time on Thanksgiving. When I washed it off, I just used a damp cloth with a little soap(did not submerge it or put it in the dishwasher). I brought it in to work yesterday because someone was interested in purchasing it as a X-mas gift and I noticed that it has several small cracks in it. Some are on the seams, but others are not. Luckily the person who wanted to get one didn't notice and bought one! Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has run into this problem and if you have sent yours back? I have to say I don't feel comfortable selling a $69 cutting board if it is going to end up with cracks after only one use. :confused:

Any thoughts?

Happy Holidays All!

Mindy Fox
Independent Kitchen Consultant
[email protected]
Nov 23, 2005
It could be a defect. I've used mine several times and I wipe it down with a damp sponge and towel dry it off quickly. Contact HO for a replacement. I love my cutting board. Sorry to hear yours is cracking. :confused: