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Pampered Chef: Bags, Boxes and Totes

  1. ksmedic

    ksmedic Member

    What does everyone take to carry all your supplies in? I'm still new and the new consultant bag that came with my kit is killing my shoulder! I have been using a rubbermaid tote for all my dirty dishes too...any other suggestions???
    I would love to hear what works!!
    I also carry my laptop bag and a little file case with all my catalogs/guest folders.
    Nov 21, 2009
  2. Monty060609

    Monty060609 Member

    I think what you'll find most people on here will say is
    don't bring every bit of PC product you own with you.

    I did that my first show and holy cow! I don't know how I moved that bag. They sell a rolling tote which might help if you're having trouble with the weight of the bag. Or you could get a rolling rubbermaid tote too.
    Nov 22, 2009
  3. pampchefsarah

    pampchefsarah Senior Member Gold Member

    Monty is right. Bring only what you need for the demo, and MAYBE something to highlight the guest special. Trust me, people are going buy out of the catalog, not so much what they see on the table.

    That said, I suggest buying a set of the Reusable Grocery Bags. I use one to carry my binder, paperwork, and laptop (yes, it gets heavy, but nowhere near as bad as the Tote). Use another for Stoneware. Everything else can go in the Tote, and it won't be nearly as heavy. When you business starts building, you might want to invest in the Tool-Turn-About Tote (which is perfect for the TTA, as well as the Trifle Bowl, and the Batter Bowls), and/or the Padded Envelopes.

    Remember, you want to be carrying in as little as possible, with as little effort as possible, so the host is more likely to think "I can do that," instead of "that's so much work, I'd never want to do that."
    Nov 22, 2009
  4. cindylpal

    cindylpal Member Gold Member

    ...do your dishes at the show!!! I've been selling for almost 9 years and I think I brought dishes home for the first 5! After your show/demo...fill the sink with soapy water and soak your dishes...if there's a break between order, do a couple dishes....IF YOU'RE LUCKY, someone will do them for you.

    Just bring what you use...I also bring the 2 saute' pans, grinder set and the dots trio and double caddy (for my door prizes) ... the shows I did this week I wish I had also brought a piece of the metal bakeware!
    Nov 22, 2009
  5. cheflorraine

    cheflorraine Member Gold Member

    I normally never do my dishes at the show - I do use a smaller box to put dirty dishes in, and then repack my tote, so it's a lot lighter to carry out than it is to carry in!
    But - at my last show, I was somehow still busy chatting with people about product questions, etc, and a couple of the ladies washed all my dishes for me. It was very sweet of them...
    But normally I want to get out as quickly as possible, so I just gather up my stuff, and put my dirty dishes in the dishwasher when I get home.
    Dec 1, 2009
  6. ChefBeckyD

    ChefBeckyD Legend Member Gold Member

    This is what I used to do.

    Now, I do my dishes at the show, and some of my best conversations with guests and the host happen while we are cleaning up together after the show. I've added on to orders, booked shows, and talked to people interested in joining PC, all while doing dishes with them. It's become a time I look forward to at my shows!

    For those who help, I give a small gift, like a SB, or a Twixit...
    Dec 1, 2009
  7. cheflorraine

    cheflorraine Member Gold Member

    Hmmm... I guess there's always more than one way of looking at things - as yet another thing to have to do, or a great opportunity! Thanks for sharing that...
    But - doesn't it take a while longer for you to get home then? I find that just doing checkouts with the guests takes me a while... and after I'm finally done that, I'm trying to get out as quickly as possible so my hostess can get her home back to normal.
    I'm still not totally comfortable with how I do things... I would love to see one of your shows just once, Becky!!
    Dec 1, 2009
  8. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Legacy Member Gold Member


    Use two hands instead of swinging it over your shoulder. It has handles so you can carry it like a crate.
    Dec 2, 2009
  9. lisasfuncooking

    lisasfuncooking Member

    I know I pack to much. I use two of the large black consultant bags. 1 PC shopping bag for my drawing/giveaway gifts (light with small items) And a carrying bag that holds all my paperwork. I have been buying PC for many years before becoming a consultant, so I have alot. I know this can backfire when trying to recruit. I do make it a point to say it is there business and they could bring as much or little as they want. I find most of my hosts ask me to bring as much as I could because they think people are more likely to buy more products after seeing them. Also, I love everything and love to share it all.
  10. janezapchef

    janezapchef Veteran Member Gold Member

    I take way too much to my show, I know. However, if you are already taking a rubbermaid crate, pack that. If you have things that don't fit, either pack the light things and your catalogs in the consultant tote, or take the advice offered above of purchasing the reusable shopping bags. One of my new year's resolutions is to pack lighter! And, this is my plan for it! :)
    Good luck!
    Jan 4, 2010
  11. ejleinenbach

    ejleinenbach Member Gold Member

    I probably take more to my shows than I really need to as well. I have definitely noticed though that my sales went way up when I started bringing more products. I have found that guests will buy what they can "touch." Usually, I tell my hosts when I arrive that it is going to look like I moved in but that I will take it all with me when I go. I joke with them that Pampered Chef has kept me busy with shows that I do not have time to go to the gym so carrying in products gives me the workout I don't get at the gym. During the show I explain to guests that each consultant can choose how many products they bring to shows and that because I like so many products I just can't leave them at home. Everyone seems to understand and is happy that they have so much to look at. I started PC in April and have already reached $20,000+ in sales; so my packing strategy is working. Good luck!!
  12. chesse

    chesse Member Gold Member

    I don't do dishes at my shows-that is my husband's job!
    Jan 8, 2010
  13. ChipLines

    ChipLines Member Gold Member

    I have been criticized by several in my cluster for taking too much. "not duplicatable" however, my top show is $1444 (I've been selling since last of July). I had another $1000 show today. My hostess and guests seem to really like seeing the products - touching them and even using them. Maybe my recruiting hasn't been the best - but I got my $15K necklace in December and 1 recruit - so far. I always do my dishes at the show, that way everything is clean and ready to go for next show. Have fun - everyone else will too.
    I use tupperware clear totes and my black big bag and computer bag. During show the clear totes are in a bedroom or somewhere out of the way. Works great.
    Jan 8, 2010
  14. ChipLines

    ChipLines Member Gold Member

    ...AND sometimes my husband has gone with me to do dishes while I take the orders...that is really nice!
    Jan 8, 2010
  15. CGutwein

    CGutwein Gold Member

    I have been offering a free gift to the first person that offers to do my dishes-the mini serving spatula used to be on the supply form and that was always a hit or the small bamboo spoon set. Most of the time some offers right away and occasionally I end up doing them at the end or at home depending on how long it takes me with the orders. I would rather not have more work to do when I get home. My crate goes in the closet until I am ready to reorganize for the next show.
    Jan 15, 2010
  16. cookingwithdot

    cookingwithdot Advanced Member Gold Member

    CGutwein - I was just going to say that ... my director suggested the same thing ... although it seems like I have a lot of hosts that just start doing them! One host had her husband in the kitchen doing them while I was closing the show ...:) Plus I ask the hubbies to carry my bag out for me since it KILLS my back!!! I take help wherever I can get it. :)
  17. So much great information here - Thank you! I'm still new to this and have been hearing everyone tell me to pack lighter - but at every show I've had they all say how nice it is to be able to see and touch the products. I am currently using a small travel type suitcase on wheels which holds my stoneware, laptop and all of my paperwork and cookbooks (which they REALLY want to see) and 2 milk crates which seem to hold all of my supplies perfectly! and then I carry one PC reusable shopping bag for my giveaways.
    I want to pack lighter - but am afraid to still.
    Feb 20, 2010
  18. cookingwithdot

    cookingwithdot Advanced Member Gold Member

    You know what I just found at Goodwill? One of those black fold up rolling carts. (Kind of like the ones you see older people using with their groceries?) My tote fits on it & I just use bungee cords to hold it in place. I use several reusable bags for things as well.
  19. ChipLines

    ChipLines Member Gold Member

    I use clear totes with snap on lids and black bag.
    Feb 20, 2010
  20. Melissa78

    Melissa78 Veteran Member Gold Member

    My goal for 2010 was to pack lighter. Since January 1st I have not taken anything with me other than my Tool Turn About (which is packed) and that in a TTA bag, then my black consultant bag and the past few shows I have removed my DCB from the Consultant Bag due to weight and put that in a small tote. Then I do have a bag for catalogs/paperwork and one just for my laptop. Takes me 2 trips - (1) with the 4 small bags (and that's when I go to the door the first time) and then I go back out for "the beast". Stoneware month has been killing me! (or should I say my shoulder?).

    I was a non-believer in carry less and still get results. I have many new plans for the new catalog but if it means anything...here are my february parties and not all are submitted yet (so more to come in): 1024.95, 907.75, 922.25, 945.03, 1528.37, 1300.37, 1621.75 and last nights was 675.12 when I left the host's house.

    I proved to myself that I don't need all the jazz (aka added weight and stuff to lug) to be successful. I can't wait to see how my plans for working through the catalog go for Spring. (Now my problem is no one wants to book March parties because they don't like the Bamboo and no one seems to be too excited over a new catalog. A guest told me last night "It's the same catalog in April - I don't care if the product has been out for 30days or not." Me: "April booking it is!"
    Feb 20, 2010
  21. Melissa78

    Melissa78 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Oh - forgot - I'm jealous of those who posted that their hosts will do their dishes. Mine are too busy off socializing to even offer to do dishes. I was going to offer free shipping to a volunteer to do dishes but so far my method has been 'throw it all into walmart/grocery store bags and take it home'. When I get done with the demo and orders, I can't wait to be done and gone...I need to hire an assistant. I wish they'd put one on supply order :D (and no, there is no husband to go along. I guess I'm married to the dishwasher)
    Feb 20, 2010
  22. cookingwithdot

    cookingwithdot Advanced Member Gold Member

    My director tells people after the card/ticket game (after a prize has just been given out - the easy opener to show how easy it is to "open" your own business) "I know you are all jealous & would like a prize too. Here is how you can earn a prize - wash my dishes - there is a sink full of soapy water ready to go! :)
  23. AmandaKeyser

    AmandaKeyser Novice Member

    wondering what everyone carries their DCB in for their shows? Its too heavy for my tote and I seem to do just fine with my tote and my laptop bag, but now that i demo with with the DCB, I have no idea how to safely transport it?! any ideas!!??
  24. mspibb

    mspibb Member Gold Member

    I have tried to cut back how much product I take to shows. I have the big old style rolling crate but many times I get to a house with steps! As a matter of fact a show I did a couple of weeks ago the kitchen was upstairs and they were the steepest narrowest steps I have ever seen! I carry a dirty crate that I pack everything I am using for the recipe. Sometimes my mom goes with me and washes. Michael Reeves at the kick off meeting says when he gets there and the host says "How can I help" he says while I am checking out the guests if you could put away the leftovers and take the dishes to the sink" they usually get the hint and wash for him!

    I do have 2 tips, I use the old stoneware tote for my laptop, calendar and host packets.
    If you carry your trifle in a tool turn around the ice bucket will fit in there too!
    Mar 7, 2010
  25. Malinda Klein

    Malinda Klein Advanced Member Gold Member

    I've used the TTA case for the trifle and the TTA, but never thought of the ice bucket.

    I still carry my ice bucket in the box because of how scarred it can get (my shaker is scarred from throwing it in my tub after the demo).
  26. KatieBeth

    KatieBeth Gold Member

    It seems to me that nobody has really spent the money on the bags through supply and actually enjoyed the results? I am a disabled veteran so carrying a lot of stuff really gets my back in knots. It seems like you guys like the rubbermaid totes and wheelie carts that you can get at Walmart... is that right?
    Mar 22, 2010
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