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Back to School party ideas??

Jun 13, 2013
Okay everyone, I have searched the files and bounced off some ideas from previous posts but I want some actual ideas....
I am considering a back to school party- but am thinking of doing it as a Facebook show because I know the one day I choose not everyone will be able to commit to (we have sports started and school in just a few weeks...) I am thinking of doing this as a Mystery Host show so that will get some excitement.
I plan on posting tips and recipes for quick dinners, snacks, and of course packed lunches.
I was thinking of doing a video of me making some kind of chicken in the stoneware...all i have is the mini baker so obviously not a whole chicken... plus i want a seasoning that kids would love. Any ideas here????
Plus i know i want to post things about the fruit and cheese cutters and the cut and seal... anything else?? I want sales so the host will have a good amount of rewards so any tips or recipes will be appreciated!


Oct 22, 2011
I think show casing any quick to fix recipes is good for back to school. It's always chaotic. There are certain items that make me think particularly of back to school.
Apple Wedge--I use it so much to pack lunches, plus I saw a picture (can't find it now) of an apple wrapped with is for a teacher's gift.
Tool turn about for school supplies!
Brownie pan for snacks and lunches. I'd use it for granola bars for breakfast on the go. :)
The Sandwich press to make sandwiches like the frozen ones.


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Apr 14, 2004
Fruit and Cheese Cutters for sure and Creative Cutters maybe.