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Babies R Us Seminars


Apr 10, 2006
Ok, so I also decided to call my closest Babies R Us about the Pampered Mom event. She was given a name of a consultant who she had just called this morning and she was waiting to hear back from. I am hoping she will do the May one because that date won't work for me, but the manager said if I was that interested that she is going to be faxing me all the dates for the upcoming months and I can have those dates, yippee. She also told me I could do a 'seminar' in there store. Has anyone every done one of these? If so was it a good event, what did you do, etc? They said they will advertise for it and all and it won't cost me a thing other than any food I might bring with me.



Legend Member
Dec 1, 2005
I have never done one, or even have a BRU store here in Alaska, but that sounds like a great opportunity!! What could be better than a non-stop kitchen show with unlimited guests!?! Good luck!

Gillian Wright
Wasilla, Alaska


Mar 11, 2006
brs demo

i am doing the demo - my first one. i'm focusing on making homemade baby and toddler food. i'll precook veggies, apples etc with the micro cooker or cookware and then use the food chopper to demonstrate. not sure of the rest of the details - just found out today i am doing it!!