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Pampered Chef: AVON reps?

  1. JennLizFran

    JennLizFran Member Gold Member

    Hello! I did a booth on Saturday at a local Harvest Festival. I walked around to see who else was there and of course found an AVON rep, which was great since I needed some eyeliner and mascara. I was looking at the book at my mom's house and she wanted some Skin So Soft, then my cousin mentioned needed some shower gel, and so on....it got me thinking about selling AVON again. I did this years ago, and I know a lot has changed. I'm not really trying to make a career of it, or really make any money at all, just have a simple way for my family and I to order the products we love. Anyone out there do AVON now that could give me honest answers about how it all works. Minimum sales requirements, how often I need to place orders and get new catalogs...etc....
    Oct 19, 2009
  2. Grandmarita

    Grandmarita Advanced Member Gold Member

    Not to rain on your parade, but you might want to check our Policy section about selling other Direct Sell products when you are also a Pampered Chef Consultant. I don't think that is encouraged. My daughter has been a part time Avon rep., and does not say much about her benefits in comparison to PC's. I gather that she does it to get the discounts on products she wants, and has to meet more quotas, and pay for catalogs that change, much more often than our twice a year changes. That gets very expensive for her, and eats into her profits.
    Oct 19, 2009
  3. Lisa/ChefBear

    Lisa/ChefBear Veteran Member Gold Member

    I've got a friend who sells avon, she was told she'd make SOOO Much money and her hubby is PO'd all he sees is $$$ going out.

    She's got to order books and it's every other week or something like that the campaigns are. You must order 10 or 15 books at least and they are not cheap from what's she's said.

    I don't know any more than that, but I can try and get some more info if you'd like.

    Oct 19, 2009
  4. heat123

    heat123 Legend Member Silver Member

    My experience befire PC, was NOT Making ANY $$ off it at all, because you had to
    'build" your clientelle canvassing hundreds of houses, door to door, droping those bookelets every 2 weeks! and I'd do a min of 100 each time! Then the samples you have to give for them to "try", it was a big waste of TIME and $$$!

    I tried it for 6 months and didn't earn a thing! But if you want to just sign to get the % discount for you and your family that's a thought...if you love the products and all. Just my 2cents in AVON experience. ;)
    Oct 19, 2009
  5. dkitten13

    dkitten13 Member

    I also found the costs (books, etc) and personal spending makes it not so profitable...JMHO.
    Oct 19, 2009
  6. sandra foy

    sandra foy Member

    I use to sell Avon for 10 years...it has it good days and bad days but I love it until my mom got sick and I wasn't able to cont'.Selling any product can be expensive if you don't have customers...With Avon you do have to buy books and others supplies weekly.
    But I just recuit a Avon rep last month and she is doing great in pampered chef( and she is no longer selling Avon)
    Oct 19, 2009
  7. JennLizFran

    JennLizFran Member Gold Member

    I'll be honest, I was really looking to do it just for the discounts!!! I sold it years ago and never made any money at it, but my mom and I loved getting new products so cheap! I wasn't sure if anything had changed and maybe you no longer had to order catalogs so often since now so much of it is done online.
    Oct 19, 2009
  8. Intrepid_Chef

    Intrepid_Chef Legend Member Silver Member

    First of all ... there is no law that says you can't sell two product lines at the same time unless you are a director.

    However, you may find that Avon is selling a lot of kitchen products.

    They start out with good commission but it drops dramatically and the books need to be purchased bi-weekly. There is an incentive to ordering a large volume of them. I remember helping my friend distribute them all over creation, and it didn't do her a great deal of good. Most people who do well do so by having a large customer base of people at work, school or church who order regularly.

    That said, if you're doing it just for the discount it probably doesn't hurt. I've been told you have to sell something every so often .. either every campaign or every month, can't remember which. It can be a tube of lip balm for all they care, just so it is something.
    Oct 19, 2009
  9. Shawnna

    Shawnna Senior Member Gold Member

    If you are just interested in the discount and can make it work...I don't know about their sales quotas...then I think that is great. As a matter of fact, I find that the more I can buy for my family without going to town, the better. I am a Melaleuca preferred customer...or whatever you want to call it. I buy all my cleaning products, toothpaste, deoderant, etc. from myself and it saves me time and money. I buy all my skin care and make-up products from myself thru BeautiControl. I don't get out and push sales for those companies, and I am able to make it work.

    I have a friend who sells Avon and she makes enough that she was able to quit her job and stay home with her kids. Her husband works the same as he always has. She loves it. But, that is her job and she works her business. She makes calls on Mondays and delivers on Fridays. She seems to be doing great.
    Oct 19, 2009
  10. Judybabe

    Judybabe Guest

    A friend of mine back home offers AVON via a website. I get emails from her about AVON weekly with specials etc. I can order from her, and it's shipped directly to me. She's 300 miles away!

    Here, there are AVON reps around every corner, the grocery store has a display hook by the doors to pick up catalogs, the convenience store, the hardware store, two restaurants and at the courthouse.

    My daughter and I pick up a catalog at one of those places, and place one order thru a local person, (still trying to make friends) and one with my friend back home.

    I have pretty much given up any hope of making it with PC here at the end of the earth. There is a lady whose been doing it for a long time here and she got the slot for both local shows. Even though one is being sponsored by my women's church group and she don't belong to my church!

    I will be at both. Selling my dog treats. Again creatively using my PC items for display and offering discounts or a rep only sale. Not sure how to do that just yet, have to go back into you all's files.
    Oct 19, 2009
  11. AJPratt

    AJPratt Legend Member Silver Member

    I have a past host who sold Avon. Her biggest complaint, was having to collect money; sometimes people wouldn't have it, could't reach them, and a number of times she got stuck with the product.

    You can sell with another DS company until you become a director.
    Oct 19, 2009
  12. Jen1409

    Jen1409 Member

    I sold Avon for 4 years and quit in December. I didn't make anything ever. You never had to meet any sales goals but the books get expensive fast, you have to get new books every 2 weeks plus the website is $14/month unless you get online orders(but that could have changed since Dec)
    Oct 20, 2009
  13. JennLizFran

    JennLizFran Member Gold Member

    I know that the new books come out twice each month, but I'm wondering do I have to buy new books each campaign? Or can I just check them out online?
    Oct 20, 2009
  14. pcchefjane

    pcchefjane Senior Member Gold Member

    I know you want to help your business, but personally if another PC rep was at a local fair where I was set up and gave a discount different from mine, I would be very pissed! I just did a booth at our Apple Festival with 3 other ladies and we all offered the same discount...free shipping with any order placed there. If anyone dated a show there, they got their names in a drawing for a large bamboo platter. We had no one who was willing to commit to a specific date so we didn't have to deal with what happened if one of the other ladies' customers won it since it was my platter.
    Oct 20, 2009
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